These Video Album Songs Has Beautiful And Amazing Stories

These Video Album Songs Has Beautiful And Amazing Stories

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5. Made In  India – Alisha Chinai

One of the most popular songs of the ’90s and still famous. Made In India by Alisha Chinai has a beautiful story of the princess find the suitable prince for herself. Various candidates try to impress the princess, but it was the prince from India played by Milind Soman who ends up winning the heart of the princess.


6. Is Kadar Pyar Hai – Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam’s Is Kadar Pyar Hai is still one of the most famous romantic songs. The story of the song is about a long lost childhood couple who accidentally meets on the bus and rejoices their story. The spark of the love blossom again. One of the most beautiful songs, watch it if you have not until now.


7. Chalne Lagi Hai Hawayein – Abhijeet

If you are the 90’s kid, this song will make you remember your childhood. A kid falls in love with a gorgeous Aamna Sharif. He tries to shave even though he does not have any beard. His father sees him doing that and slaps him. He goes to the monastery and prays to become young and his imagination makes him young and he starts impressing Aamna Sharif. Later his dreams get shattered when his eyes opened and he is still a kid. Abhijeet’s beautiful line and cute love story hit the right chords.


8. Dil Ka Aalam – Kumar Sanu

This song is the recreation of the super hit song from the movie Aashiqui with the same name and lyrics. Kumar Sanu’s magical voice and beautiful college love story make this song delightful to watch.

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