These Video Album Songs Has Beautiful And Amazing Stories

These Video Album Songs Has Beautiful And Amazing Stories

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13. Maine Payal Hai – Falguni Pathak

This is a lovely song by Falguni Pathak and one of the most popular too. It revolves around the college annual function where you will see puppets and the cute story.


14. Humnava – Jubin Nautiyal

The song has the story which will surely be going to connect with your heart. It is a story of true love in which the couple separates and the girl marries someone else. The song has a story on flashback and in present and it has been picturized beautifully in the backdrops of Italy. Jubin Nautiyal’s beautiful voice, the exotic scenery, and the heart-touching story make this song, a must-watch.


15. Chupke Chupke – Pankaj Udaas

This song has John Abraham. Yes, if you have not watched this beautiful song, do watch it. John Abraham wearing helmet asking address from a girl and in return gives her a gift. It has a cute love story and very impressive.


16. Purani Jeans – Ali Haider

This song is a proper tribute to your college life. It will surely take you to the trip of your beautiful college memories. The song has a journey of college friendship, romance, entertainment and the bond of our college life. The lyrics are the soul and so as the video.

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