These Video Album Songs Has Beautiful And Amazing Stories

These Video Album Songs Has Beautiful And Amazing Stories

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17. Kabhi To Nazar – Adnan Sami And Asha Bhosle

One of the most romantic songs in the mesmerizing voices of Adnan Sami and Asha Bhosle. The song has a cute love story of a couple who are unable to express their feelings. The song beautifully expressed feelings of love.


18. Kabhi Yaadon Main Aao – Abhijeet

This song from Abhijeet has a story of a girl whose childhood friend engages with her without knowing that she loves someone else. Soon he realizes and cancels the engagement and reunites the lovers. The story has been picturized beautifully.


19. Yeh Kisne Jadu Kiya – Falguni Pathak

Another song that features Aamna Sharif. She plays the role of a college student who gets attracted to her professor. She mistakenly feels that the professor also has feelings for her. But unknowing to her, there is a guy who loves her and gives her teddy key chain. A beautiful story and a lovely voice of Falguni Pathak is a treat to watch.


20. Tera Ghata – Gajendra Verma

This song has a different story out of all the songs on the list. It is not a love story, it is a story of one’s self-respect. The song became an instant hit and very popular among the youths.

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