Amrita Rao Recalled An Incident When She Was Replaced By A Star Kid

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Amrita Raovia

Bollywood is surrounded by a lot of nepotism related controversies. In the past, Bollywood had just handed opportunity to the star kids. Moreover, there are many incidents where the actors are replaced by star kids. In a recent interview, Bollywood diva, Amrita Rao recalled an incident when she was removed from a film and her project was handed to a star kid.


She Was Replaced By A Star Kid

Amrita rao Replaced By Star Kid

Recalling the moment, Amrita said,

“Yes I was, I remember I was given the narration and even confirmed that I was the heroine of the film and then suddenly I got to know some sugar daddy picked up the phone and his relative replaced me in that movie. I don’t mind if that happens, it is okay, it is natural, but I at least wished that the director had the decency to convey it to me gracefully, that for certain reasons we had to change the plan. What hurts you or puts you off is that they do it in an undignified manner.”


She Did Not Have A Godfather

Amrita rao Replaced By Star Kid

She wished if she would have a godfather in the industry, she could have done better. Amrita added,

“When you look back you always feel that ‘oh I could have done better’’, that’s a very natural thing, but I guess for somebody who didn’t come from a film background who didn’t have godfather, no sugar daddies, I used to always wish to have some senior actor or actress who could give me an insight of this industry on how to be, how to decline a film so that you don’t hurt fragile egos, there is so much that I  learned in my journey which I wish I knew before.”


Amrita Rao Denounced The Politics In Bollywood

Amrita rao Replaced By Star Kid

She pursued it further by saying,

“I was a like kid who thought I am so nice and everybody would be nice to me, but that doesn’t happen. When you are talented, all your films are doing good back to back, there are some people who get insecure and there is politics going on around you and you do become a victim of that kind of games. But that’s beyond your control, like I don’t have anybody who will pick up the phone for me and get things done or see that I am at the right places, right covers, see that I get the awards if I deserve it, I don’t have anybody who can pick up the phone for me”.


What She Said About Tanushree Dutta

Amrita rao Replaced By Star Kid

She praised Tanushree Dutta for taking her stand and introducing the MeToo movement to Bollywood. She said,

“Kudos to Tanushree Dutta who actually flagged off the MeToo Movement in India, she gave a lot of strength to women who were quiet and scared to speak up, they were still bottled in their experience. I really appreciate her. Secondly, it’s great that this fear psychosis is now around if you mess around you will be tarnished for life on the internet. And that is why a lot of men have put their act together. Now they are scared to be frivolous and flirtatious even on phone chats with women, I think that’s so good. The reason why women were targeted is that we live in a society where victims were made to feel like it was their fault and MeToo has really changed that”.


According To Amrita, Who Are The Victims Of MeToo?

Amrita rao Replaced By Star Kid

Amrita Rao continued,

“Fortunately it has not happened to me because I always had my mom with me around the sets. Also I belong to the city, to a good family, who didn’t really depend on the film industry for a lifestyle, all these matters because people who tend to take you in a ride because they know, you are a weaker person, even when you saw the victims of MeToo, they were not from the cities, no godfathers, parents had no idea about what’s happening, they were taken for a ride and that is so sad, it’s terrible.”

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