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Bigg Boss OTT 3’s Third Eviction: Poulomi Das Or Munisha Khatwani? This Contestant Evicted From BB OTT 3

Poulomi Das Or Munisha Khatwani BB OTT 3 Third Eviction

Famous reality show, Bigg Boss OTT 3 has always been a top show when it comes to serving drama and chaos. The Anil Kapoor-hosted show aired on June 21, 2024. The air in the Bigg Boss house has not been in favor of one of the contestants. Recently, six members of the house for nominated for eviction. Four of the six nominated members were safe, leaving two in the danger zone. Poulomi and Munisha were the unfortunate members in the danger zone of eviction. Continue reading to know what happened in the mid-week eviction.


Poulomi Das’ Eviction

Poulomi Das

Poulomi Das was suddenly expelled from the house during a midweek eviction. This was the decision of a fellow competitor named Luv Kataria, who was granted the ability to save one contestant. When given the decision between Poulomi Das and Munisha Khatwani, Luv chose to rescue Munisha. This resulted in Poulomi’s elimination from the program. Poulomi’s eviction elicited a range of reactions from the spectators.


Fans React To The Eviction

Well, the internet doesn’t seem to like Poulomi’s eviction from the show. People have been expressing their anger by stating how it’s the strategy of the makers to kick her out. The spectators believe that the evicted member, Poulomi, is a strong and upfront lady who has great potential. Instances of her exposing the makers and going against Bigg Boss made her look confident and real. The fans are now comparing how she would have suited the best to other members like Munisha and Vada Pav girl. Fans also call out Bigg Boss for showing the age of tendency of strong contestants who speak boldly against wrong even if the unfair party is Bigg Boss itself. Here’s what the fans stated:

“Poulomi was strong, and she had the guts to speak out against Bigg Boss and others; that’s why they planned to evict her.”

“Poulomi had great potential, these makers always try to target the celeb contestants and always uplift the classy ones like Shivani, and Chandrika,” said a fan.

“Munisha and Deepak should be out of the show instead of Payal and Neeraj,” read a comment.

What do you think about the eviction of Poulomi Das? Do you think it was planned? Is there any chance of her entering back? Let us know.

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