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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Today’s Episode 11th November 2023: Check Today’s Nominations And Tasks Details

Clash of Titans: Bigg Boss Season 7 Heats Up with Explosive Confrontations

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 14th September 2023

In the latest Bigg Boss Season 7 episode, drama unfolded as the housemates engaged in the intense ‘O Baby’ task for captaincy. The challenge involved safeguarding dolls adorned with contestants’ photos. Rathika sparked controversy by adopting a strategic move, running slow, leading to the elimination of several participants.

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Doll Drama And Strategic Moves

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Updates

As the buzzer rang, eviction ensued, eliminating the likes of Shobha, Prashanth, Yavar, Amardeep, Ashwini, Bhole, Priyanka, and Gautham. The tension peaked during a showdown between Gautham and Sivaji, with the latter controversially grabbing Gautham’s doll when only three contestants remained. This move led to a heated confrontation, with Gautham accusing Sivaji of injustice, creating a spectacle that demanded justice from Bigg Boss.


Gautham’s Outburst: A House Divided

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Participants

Gautham’s frustration spilled over as he asserted that Sivaji behaved like a second Big Boss, questioning the dynamics within the house. Accusations of secret alliances between Sivaji, Prashanth, Yavar, and Bhole surfaced, suggesting a deeper layer to the relationships in the Bigg Boss house. The episode concluded with a tense confrontation, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats, eager to unravel the evolving dynamics within the house.


Deepavali Delight: Jewels And Family Connections

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Host

In a festive twist, Bigg Boss added sparkle to the celebrations by gifting Joyalukkas jewelry as part of the Deepavali festivities. Rathika Rose’s father, Ramulu, made a special appearance, sharing joyous moments with the housemates. The house was adorned with a family photo of Rathika, creating a heartwarming atmosphere. As Rathika’s father bid farewell, the housemates grooved to DJ Tillu’s beats, marking a lively close to the celebrations. The entertainment continued with the ‘BB College Task,’ injecting humor into the house as housemates playfully imitated each other. However, not everyone was in a celebratory mood, as Prashanth refrained from eating, missing his family. The arrival of Pallavi Prashanth’s father, Satyanarayana, injected a dose of familial warmth into the environment.


Shivaji And Gautham

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 Nagarjuna

Shivaji, a frontrunner in the Bigg Boss house, faced relentless challenges upon Gautham’s re-entry. A fierce rivalry between the two escalated during a captaincy task, resulting in a dramatic confrontation despite the chaos. Therefore, Shivaji tactfully emerged as the new captain, ensuring safety for another week, provided he survived the impending eviction as Shivaji secured his captaincy and a spot in the top five. Thus, the Bigg Boss house remains an arena of unpredictable twists. Gautham’s constant pursuit and the ongoing clashes promise to keep viewers hooked. The question lingers: How far will Shivaji go in this high-stakes game? As the drama unfolds. Therefore, fans can only wait in anticipation for the next episode of Bigg Boss Season 7, where alliances will be tested and loyalties challenged. The house’s dynamics continue to evolve.

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