These Are The Hollywood Movies That Got Lowest IMDb Rating In 2018 So Far

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Movies With Lowest IMDb Ratingvia

The filmmakers put huge efforts to entertain the viewers. However, not all of the film captures the attention of the fans. Some of them fail and ended up boring the audience. Today we have brought you 5 Hollywood movies with lowest IMDb rating of 2018.


5. Fifty Shades Freed – 4.4

Movies With Lowest IMDb Rating

The final installment in the Fifty Shades series could not make that much of an impact.  The protagonists tie the knot and their relationship went through ups and downs. The IMDb rating of the film is just 4.4/10.


4. The Competition – 4.4

Movies With Lowest IMDb Rating

The Romantic comedy could not please the viewers. The plot revolves around a woman who follows the “Pig Theory” about the relationships until she finds a man who changes her prejudice.

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