Titanic: Discover The Lesser Known Facts About The Movie As We Celebrate Its 25 Years

Titanic Facts

The heartbreaking story of two lovers was in the 1997 film Titanic, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. One of the greatest disasters in our world’s history is still the sinking of the Titanic. The Titanic was a celebration of new accomplishments. However, it struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean and sank while carrying many passengers. When people watch the movie Titanic, which is based on the actual event, they still get shivers down their spine. The film is also one of the highest-grossing movies of all time. It received 11 Academy awards, including ones for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Editing, and other categories. Discover the little-known facts about the movie Titanic as we celebrate its 25th anniversary.


The Real Footage Of Titanic


James Cameron, the film’s writer and director, pitched the idea for the movie to 20th Century Fox Studios. He requested funding from the studio to obtain a first-person movie of the Titanic ship in the Antarctic Ocean. As a result, the budget was increased by 30% to extract footage of the actual Titanic. James Cameron went 12 times to a depth of 12,500 feet in 1995 to film the Titanic after it had sunk. In addition, the team entered the depths under intense water pressure. The entire team’s lives may have been lost with only one minor error. The Titanic’s deck was also hit by a submarine during a dive, causing damage to both the submarine and the ship. The massive staircase and entrance of the Titanic also broke off in a little portion. James was able to bring the original footage despite all the challenges.


Making Of The Set Of Titanic And Other Major Details

Titanic Movie Sets

The set was constructed using the original Titanic ship blueprints before the release of the film. The Titanic ship’s creators, Harald and Wolff, allowed the developers access to their archives to help in the creation of the Titanic ship. The entire time, an instructor was on the set. He showed the proper attitude of members of the upper class in 1912. A serving of genuine beluga caviar, which at the time cost $4,500 per pound, was also seen in the scene at the dinner table. It had to be an ideal representation of the royal class. This meal, prepared from the eggs of a massive beluga fish, is among the most expensive in the world.


Kate Winslet Suffered Hypothermia While Shooting For Titanic

Titanic Sinking Ship

Many people caught colds, the flu, and kidney infections while shooting in the water for several hours. Actress Kate Winslet was one of them. She developed pneumonia while filming the climax and had hypothermia while shooting in the cold water. Kate was trapped in the water in one scene due to a high current. Kate Winslet was also afraid of director James during the filming because he always shouted for a perfect shot. While filming the Titanic sinking scene, Kate was also concerned that she would drown. Many people fled the movie as soon as they became aware of the risk.


Rose’s Real Nude Sketch In Titanic

Kate Winslet Titanic

James Cameron created the original naked painting of Rose, which served as the movie’s first scene. The director had to shoot this scene because the set was too large to shoot other sequences, and he needed to save time.


J Dawson Was In The Ship

Titanic James Cameron

In the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio portrays the fictional character Jack Dawson. After the shooting had ended, it became clear that a passenger by the name of J Dawson had died in the incident. The coincidence of having the same surname was pure chance. However, following the movie’s release, many people visited Mr. J. Dawson’s grave, believing him to be the real Jack Dawson.


8 Crores Spent In Every Minute In Titanic Movie

Titanic Sets

Every minute-long scene costs $1 million to make in this 200 million dollar movie. James Cameron and the distributor also had a lot of disagreements as the budget went up. To keep costs down, he intended the movie to be only two hours long. A 2-hour film would have allowed for more viewings per day and increased revenue. However, the director disagreed. The distributor then agreed to surrender to James because there is no other way around this.


An Angry Crew Member Fed Drugs To Everyone

James Cameron’s strictness infuriated a crew member who put drugs in the food. 50 people were hospitalized as a result. James Cameron also had vomiting, which he overcame, before the drugs spread throughout his body. People were in shock because of how red his eyes were. Despite such a massive conspiracy, the drug’s giver escaped capture.


Some Characters Featured In The Film Were Real


In the movie, there were made-up characters like Rose and Jack. However, many of these characters were onboard that ship as well. One of them is Kathy Bates’ Margaret Molly Brown, who’s become rich. Captain Bernard Hill and shipbuilder Victor Garber are also the actual characters.


Several Incidents In The Film That Are Real

Kate Winslet Titanic Movie Sets

In the movie, the Titanic’s chef drinks a massive amount of wine while the ship is sinking before jumping into the water. This particular scene was from a real tragedy. The chef of the ship jumped into the water and made it out alive. It was due to the alcohol’s ability to boost his body temperature enough for him to survive in the cold waters. Moving on, the film’s sinking sequence features an old couple watching the ship sink while they are lying on their bed in their room. This incident is also a real one. The classic car that was in the movie was actually on board. It belonged to American William Carter, who had purchased it so that he and his family could travel to Europe. The dialogue Jack says to stop Rose from killing herself was genuinely from a survivor of the Titanic disaster.


Mistakes In The Titanic Movie


The first mistake was that the Titanic sank at 2:20, while in the movie, the time when the hall filled with water was 2:15. Moving forward, the direction of the stars in the night sky scene was not the one from a natural occurrence. However, there were corrections in this sequence in 2012. Jack also informs Rose in a scene that they would ride a roller coaster at the Santa Monica Pier. Although the Titanic tragedy was in 1912, the roller coaster was made in 1916.

Additionally, the Titanic replica that was at the port was facing the wrong direction. The film’s creators had to shoot every scene in the opposite direction to fix this one error. In a different scene, Jack tells Rose that he has gone fishing in Wisconsin’s Lake Wissota. However, this lake only developed five years after the Titanic went down.

If you haven’t seen the movie, it ends with Jack and Rose discovering a floating raft following the ship’s tragic collision with an iceberg. Jack could not fit on the raft due to its instability, and he drowned in the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

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