Paresh Rawal On Playing Sunil Dutt: I Was Destined To Play This Role

He Also Recalled A Warm Incident With The Legendary Actor

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The Ranbir Kapoor starrer, Sanju has been released and it unfolds the untold story of Sanjay Dutt. And, the viewers are getting what they expected, a dose of entertainment. Paresh Rawal played the role of Sunil Dutt. Paresh beautifully portrayed the legendary actor, after a few scenes we forget that we were watching Paresh Rawal. It felt like it was Sunil Dutt.


Paresh Rawal Told That He Was Destined To Play This Role

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In a recent interview, Rawal told that he was destined to play this role. He said, “Sunil Dutt was an ironman he fought several battles simultaneously. From taking care of his deceased wife to admonishing his son from the drug addiction he kept himself strong. Moreover, he raised two daughters and he was also an active politician. The way he struggled is not the way a normal man would.”


A Warm Incident

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Recalling an incident about Sunil Dutt, Paresh Rawal said, “It was 25 May 2005 when I received a letter from Sunil Dutt. He wished me a happy birthday. I was a bit surprised as my birthday is on 30 May. By the time I received the letter, he had passed away. For the past 12 years, the letter lies in a drawer of my home. When Rajkumar Hirani told me the story of the movie, I was curious if there is some supernatural power that gave me the opportunity to play this character


The Film Story Is Exactly What Sanjay Dutt Told

Paresh Rawal On Sunil Dutt (1)

Talking about Sanjay Dutt, Paresh said, “The court gave verdicts about Sanjay Dutt and no one can deny the verdicts of court. However, you can watch the movie and give it a thought if Sanjay has lived his life as a hero or a villain. The story of Sanjay Dutt is unalloyed by the makers, it is exactly what Sanjay Dutt told.”

The film is running successfully. Check the review of the film here. If you have already watched it, share your reviews in the comments.

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