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Priyank Sharma And Hina Khan Ended Their Friendship In Bigg Boss; Watch Video

Hina Khan Is Leaving No Chance To Produce Controversy

Priyank Sharmavia

Hina Khan once again played the controversy generator and that caused a quarrel between her and Priyank Sharma. The war of the words was too intense that it would not be an exaggeration to say that their friendship will be over.


Controversies Taking Place

Priyank Sharma

The controversies are taking a gigantic shape inside the house of Bigg Boss. A day after day they heat is escalating. In the previous episode we have seen that Hina, Luv, Priyank, and Shilpa were the candidates left in the captaincy race and Punish Akash and Shilpa discuss making Luv the captain. We have also seen Hina confessing her hate for Vikas and she wants him gone from the house.


Hina Criticized Vikas

Priyank Sharma

It all started while Vikas was moving aimlessly and he was dressed up in formals. On his outfit, Hina commented, “Aisa lag Raha hai jaise interview dene ja rahe ho”. She sarcastically asked, “Ladki dekhne aa rahi hai kya”. This is certain that Vikas had to retaliate. He tried to make his statement but he was touched by the words that Hina said.


Hina Khan Quarrels With Priyank Sharma

Priyank Sharma

Vikas left the place and went inside to change his outfit. Meanwhile, Priyank Sharma and Hina Khan have a heated argument when Priyank tries to point out the bad talking manners of Hina. The argument turned into the quarrel and Priyank left Hina sitting and went on to consol Vikas. There teary eyed Vikas was showing his discomfort form the comments that Hina chronically makes on his dressing sense. He further said that he feels, there is no one uglier than him.

You can check the full video here.

Twitterati Reacted

This is how the Twitterati reacted on the negative complements that were made by Hina.

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