Tejas Review: Kangana Ranaut Delivers A Praiseworthy Performance In This Patriotic Thriller

Tejas Review Kangana Ranaut

Tejas soars as a Hindi action-thriller cinematic creation. Steering the helm as both the writer and director is Sarvesh Mewara, with the movie’s production prowess taken care of by Ronnie Screwvala. Meanwhile, in the spotlight, Kangana Ranaut assumes the lead role, embodying the character of Tejas Gill. She is an Indian Air Force pilot embarking on a daring mission to liberate hostages from the clutches of terrorists.


Tejas Movie Story

Tejas Kangana

At the heart of the film’s narrative lies the character Tejas Gill, brought to life by Kangana Ranaut. Tejas is no ordinary IAF pilot; she embodies courage and unwavering resolve. Additionally, she willingly steps up for a dangerous mission triggered by the capture of an Indian spy in Pakistan. Her unyielding commitment to serving her nation serves as a resounding thematic core.

Tejas Plot

Moreover, the movie provides an interesting backdrop by delving into the historic decision of the Indian Air Force. The decision was to integrate women into combat roles in 2016. This significant milestone underscores the bravery and dedication of female fighter pilots. It also sheds light on their often uncelebrated sacrifices and invaluable contributions.


Tejas Review

Tejas Cast

Tejas aspires to be a cinematic source of inspiration for patriotism, igniting a profound surge of national pride. It also emerges as a groundbreaking endeavor, marking India’s debut into the realm of aerial action films. Furthermore, it presents a genuine depiction of the unwavering commitment and challenges confronted by IAF pilots in their mission to safeguard the nation.

The film’s visually captivating representation of aerial action constructs an exhilarating and pulse-quickening cinematic voyage. Meanwhile, one of its notable strengths lies in Kangana Ranaut’s unwavering dedication to her character. Her wholehearted commitment to the role radiates through her performance, delivering a captivating portrayal. The ensemble casts of Ashish Vidyarthi, Anshul Chauhan, and Varun Mitra lend solid support to the storyline.

Tejas Trailer

Director Sarvesh Mewara deserves acclaim for taking the audience on a high-octane adventure. However, the VFX could have been better, but it can be ignored to see the story of valor and patriotism. The supporting cast also excels in their respective roles. Every facet of the movie exudes excellence, cementing its status as an absolute must-watch.


Final Verdict

Tejas Movie Review

Tejas stands as a praiseworthy undertaking, a tribute to the courage and commitment of IAF aviators. It also comes with a special focus on women in combat roles. Kangana Ranaut’s portrayal in the film is particularly striking. Simultaneously, the film’s overarching theme of patriotism strikes a resonant chord with its viewers. It serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices rendered by our armed forces. We give Tejas 4 stars out of 5.

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