12th Fail Day 5 Box Office Collection: Vikrant Massey’s Film Hit Or Flop?

"12th Fail" Soars: Vikrant Massey's Educational Drama Triumphs at the Box Office

12th Fail Day 2 Box Office Collection

In a surprising turn of events, Vikrant Massey’s latest venture, “12th Fail,” has taken the box office by storm, showcasing a phenomenal 10% growth on weekdays. The film’s success can be credited to its compelling storyline that resonates with audiences nationwide.


Box Office Triumph

As the week progresses, “12th Fail” continues to break its records. Tuesday’s box office collections have surpassed Monday’s, with an impressive Rs 1.65 crore, outshining even the opening-day numbers. The film’s positive trend indicates a promising trajectory, with Monday’s collection at Rs 1.50 crore already surpassing Friday’s Rs 1.10 crore. The film has raked in a total of Rs 9.85 crore till now. Vikrant Massey’s stellar performance and the film’s engaging narrative have propelled “12th Fail” to cross the Rs 10 crore mark. Surpassing initial expectations, the movie is not only meeting but exceeding projections, suggesting a robust first-week performance.

Day Box Office Collection
Day 1 Rs 1.10 crore
Day 2 Rs 2.50 crore
Day 3 Rs 3.10 crore
Day 4 Rs 1.50 crore
Day 5 Rs 1.65 crore
Total Rs 9.85 Crore


12th Fail Collection

12th Fail Palak Lalwani

The box office figures for “12th Fail” represent unparalleled success. Vikrant Massey’s stellar performance and the film’s resonant storyline have propelled it beyond expectations. Tuesday’s collection of Rs 1.65 crores, surpassing even the opening day numbers, marks a remarkable trend. The film is not just meeting but exceeding projections, setting the stage for a robust first-week performance. As the numbers continue to climb, “12th Fail” is a testament to its widespread appeal and box office triumph.


Karwa Chauth Impact

12th Fail Vikrant Massey

Despite the challenge of Karwa Chauth affecting evening and night shows in family-centric locations, “12th Fail” caters primarily to the youth demographic. The positive word-of-mouth among this audience segment is expected to counterbalance any potential dip in numbers, showcasing the film’s resilience.


Looking Ahead

12th Fail Cast

With the first week poised for a decent collection, the Vidhu Vinod Chopra-directed drama is anticipated to gain even more momentum in the second weekend. The film’s unexpected success has propelled it beyond initial projections. Therefore hinting at a prolonged and successful run at the box office. “12th Fail” emerges not only as a clean success but as a refreshing surprise in the entertainment landscape—Vikrant Massey’s compelling portrayal. Also, coupled with a resonant storyline, it has ignited audience interest, making this educational drama a must-watch. As the numbers continue to climb, “12th Fail” is a testament to the unpredictability. And the excitement that Bollywood brings to its audience.

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