Actress Radhika Apte Slapped This Famous South Indian Co-Star For Misbehaving

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Actors have that glamorous life we always wish to have. The fame, fan following, and their looks make us feel like they have a king size life. But that fame is not easy to achieve. They go through a lot of criticism and challenges behind the screen. Actresses do get humiliated by the males everywhere. Yes, they are more vulnerable to all this because of their beauty. Radhika Apte had to face the same.


Just like in this case, Bollywood actress Radhika Apte was humiliated by a male actor which she discussed on a talk show.  Radhika Apte is not just one to humor an entitled male co-star. During a recent interview on Neha Dhupia’s Colors Infinity talk show, the actress shared an unpleasant experience from her shoot of a Tamil film.

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She said, “It was my first day on the set of the film and a famous South actor suddenly started to tickle my feet. I was stunned as we had never met before and then I instinctively slapped him,” the actress revealed.

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This reaction was very natural. What she did was absolutely right on her part.


Check Out The Talk Show Video Below:


This humiliation of women should be stopped right now! How can we feel safe like this? And how do we call our country independent? Hence men like these are a shame. What a shame. Now have a look at the list of most popular Bollywood actresses here. They are the reason behind the success of the films. Their hard work and glamour make them so famous. Kudos.

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