Anita Hassanandani Revealed Her Pregnancy, Here’s How Her Husband Reacted Watch video

Her Husband Did Not See This Coming

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Anita Hassanandani Reddy is an Indian actress who predominantly works in TV serials. Anita has also appeared in Bollywood movies. Nowadays she is playing the role of Shagun in the popular TV show “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”.


The Video Of Anita Hassanandani

The 37 years old actresses tied the knot with corporate professional Rohit Reddy in Goa on 14 October 2013. Recently she uploaded a video on social media revealing the news of her pregnancy to her husband only to leave him shocked.


Anita Shocked Rohit

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The video featured Rohit Reddy chilling in his house. He then received a call from his wife Anita Hassanandani who told that she wanted to share something with him.


Rohit Tried To Reach Out To His Wife

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Anita then revealed the news of her pregnancy and gave a pleasant surprise to Rohit. Anita was chilling on a beach, hence; Rohit packed his luggage and tried to reach his wife as soon as possible. The video went viral on social media and has gained more than 5 Lakh views till now.


She Wanted To Have Kids

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Anita and Rohit have been married for 5 years but they do not have kids. In some interviews, Anita told that this thing bothers her and she wants to have kids.


She Is Close To Her Father In Law

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Anita Hassanandani celebrated her 37th birthday on 14 April. During the birthday celebration, she was seen drinking with her father in law. There are also many photos on social media that prove her father in law is close to her and Rohit.

Well, it is good news for the couple. We would like to congratulate Anita Hassandani and Rohit Reddy for their upcoming happiness. What do you say about this? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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