Anupam Kher Slams Kapil Sharma For Posting Half Truth About The Kashmir Files Controversy

Anupam Kher Kapil Sharma The Kashmir Files

The Kashmir Files has brought the Tsunami to the box office. The film has shattered records and every day it is setting a new benchmark. Till the second weekend, The Kashmir Files has already collected over INR 150 crores at the box office. Before the release of the film, The Kashmir Files director Vivek Agnihotri said that Kapil Sharma denied publicizing his film on his program because it lacked big stars.

The Kashmir Files

However, Kapil Sharma replied to the comments and said that a one-sided account should not be believed. People started trolling Kapil Sharma for it. Many people demanded that The Kapil Sharma Show be boycotted. The Kashmir Files was released on March 11 alongside Radhe Shyam and became an all-time blockbuster. The film is based on an exodus of non-muslims, primarily Kashmiri Pandits, from the Kashmir Valley during the 1989 insurgency peak in the Jammu & Kashmir. Many politicians and celebrities have applauded the film. The director Vivek Agnihotri and Anupam Kher went to Times Now for post-release marketing. During the interview, Anupam Kher stated that he was asked by the producers of The Kapil Sharma Program, but he declined since their film’s theme was not compatible with a comedy show.

Anupam Kher Kapil Sharma

On this whole controversy, Kapil Sharma took the footage of Anupam Kher’s above-mentioned statement to clarify his stand. However, Kapil Sharma published the footage and it was just 46 seconds long, whereas the original clip regarding the dispute lasted over a minute. In the video, Anupam Kher said,

“To be very honest I must say it here I was called to be on the show. Maine Harman, jo mere manager hai, usko kaha tha ki ‘Ye film bari serious hai, main isme nahi ja sakta hun.’ So I want to put my point over here. It happened around two months ago that I was told ‘Aap aa jaiye.’ I have been on the show a few times and it’s a funny show. It’s very difficult to do a funny show and he does it very well. I don’t think Kapil has any malice towards us or towards the film.”

Kapil Sharma might have thought that this could be enough to suppress this controversy. However, this clip creates bigger controversy when Anupam Kher himself clarified his statement and criticized Kapil Sharma for posting half clip rather than the whole clip.

Anupam Kher The Kashmir Files

In the extended footage, Anupam Kher also says that the explanation provided to Vivek was the same reason he gave on Twitter. They were not invited to the comedy event because their film didn’t have any famous actors. Vivek Agnihotri then went on to say that this was the official reason given to him by Zee Studios, the producer of The Kashmir Files. Anupam Kher replied by requesting Kapil Sharma not to share the ‘half-truth’ when he merely posted the smaller footage while thanking him for his clarification. He replied,

Later Kapil Sharma had also posted the full clip to his account with the ‘Full Truth,’ as Anupam Kher put it. However, it wasn’t enough, and trollers trolled Kapil Sharma for this controversy.

The film is gaining appreciation from the entire nation. The records and collections are outstanding. The Kashmir Files is on the verge of earning INR 200 crores in the second week. What do you guys think about the film? Let us know in the comments below.

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