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Bigg Boss 12, Day 11: Vikas Gupta Entered The House And Introduced The Reality To The Contestants

He Said He Is Quite Disappointed With Some Contestants

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After a lot of ups and downs, Bigg Boss season 12 headed to the Day 11. The drama has been off the charts this week and we have seen many disputes that often left the contestants in tears. A few contestants decided to rise up against others and stated their opinions while some of them remained silent and decided to observe others.


Day 11 Started With Love

We say the previous day was packed to the gills with quarrels. Undoubtedly, the verbal chaos will be continued on Day 11. However, there will also be some moments of love and affection. In a promo video, Jasleen Matharu was seen showering love on her boyfriend Anup Jalota. Anup was in the wardrobe area talking to other contestants when Jasleen came to him and said that she wanted to give him something that he would not remove. When Anup agreed to that she kissed him multiple times and left the lipstick marks on his face.


Verbal Chaos Continues

Bigg Boss 12 Day 11

It was also shown that the Day 11 will encompass the fight between Romil Chaudhary and Karanveer Bohra. Furthermore, Romil and Shivashish were also seen trading harsh words with each other. Without a doubt, the things will get more controversial inside the house.


Vikas Gupta Inside The House

The season 11 finalists, the mastermind, Vikas Gupta will enter the house of Bigg Boss and he showed the contestants their real side while eventually reminding them about the game. He was seen negatively reinforcing the contestants to be active participants in the game and he told that it is an opportunity for them to show their true personality to the world. Hence, staying in the background cannot help them out.

From the promo, it can be concluded that the Vikas Gupta will rejuvenate the enthusiasm of the contestants and we are excited about tonight’s episode. What do you say?

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