Bigg Boss 12, Day 26: Surbhi Rana And Karanveer Got Into A Heated Argument

Sreesanth And Anup Jalota Are Watching The Drama From Secret Room

Bigg Boss 12, Day 26via

The Season 12 of Bigg Boss is full of chaos and drama. This week, the captaincy task sparked the heat among the contestants. In the previous episode, we saw that Srishty Rode and Saba Khan got physical during the captaincy task. To conclude, Bigg Boss had to cancel the task and had to ban both of the contestants to become captains in the future. The Khan Sisters were shocked by this decision. The verbal chaos continues on the Day 26; let us take a look at the promos.


Day 26: Contestants Chose The Worst Performers

In the recent Bigg Boss promos, we saw the contestants were asked to name the worst performers of the week and the worst performers will be sent to jail (Kaalkothri). Deepika Kakkar named Srishty Rode as she considers her reckless, Shrishty was surprised by this and she started lashing out at others.


Karanveer Vs Surbhi

Apart from that, Romil Chaudhary named Karanveer Bohra as the worst performer. According to Romil, Karanveer was biased when the controversy took place during the jailbreak task. He supported Shrishty as Surbhi pulled her by the hair. However, he just ignored the fact that Deepak was also kicked by Shivashish. Karanveer refused to accept the allegations and this broke out a verbal brawl between him and Surbhi Rana.


Sreesanth Is Disappointed

Bigg Boss 12, Day 26

Karanveer and Surbhi quarreled as the latter accused him of double standards. Meanwhile, Anup Jalota and Sreesanth were watching all the drama from the secret room. They were spying on everyone and they can see what other contestants are cooking behind their back. Sreesanth looked quite disappointed at a certain contestant.

Bigg Boss has taken an interesting turn, the reentry of Sreesanth and Anup will give shellshock to other contestants. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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