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Bigg Boss 12, Day 23: Chaos Inside The House, Surbhi Pulled Shrishty’s Hair During The Task

Shivashish Kicked Deepak Thakur During The Task

Bigg Boss 12, Day 23via

The Day 22 of Bigg Boss 12 was full of drama and the drama will be pursued further on Day 23. The new task for captaincy, Jailbreak was introduced in the previous episode and we saw half of the contestants became prisoners while the rest of the contestants were playing the role of police. The prisoners had to escape in the given time while the police had to stop them.


Surbhi Rana Vs Karanveer

Bigg Boss 12, Day 23

We saw Surbhi Rana and Karanveer Bohra got involved in a heated argument and the things were about to get out of control. Moreover, Sreesanth once again disobeyed the orders of Bigg Boss and even removed his mic.


Day 23: Verbal Chaos

In the recent promos of Bigg Boss, Surbhi Rana was seen having an argument with Sreesanth. It all started when Deepak Thakur was reminding that use of English language is prohibiting inside the house. The statement displeased the rebellious Sreesanth and he rushed towards Deepak. Surbhi made the save and lashed out at Sreesanth.  She has made it clear that she will not stay quiet if anyone punks her. On the other hand, Sreesanth got angry.


Contestants Got Physical

In another video, the contestants were seen performing the captaincy task again. This time the characters were switched. The contestants who were prisoners yesterday, they are the cops now. Surbhi was playing the cop and as soon as the buzzer rang, the prisoners rushed towards the wall that they had to jump over. Shivashish (prisoner) kicked Deepak (cop) on his way out of the cage door. After that Surbhi pulled Shrishty by the hair and avoided her from crossing over the wall. This sparked unending quarrel inside the house as Surbhi got physical during the task.

Will Sreesanth repress his anger; will Bigg Boss punish Surbhi for getting out of control during the task? Stay tuned for updates.

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