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Bigg Boss OTT 3: Watch Vishal Pandey’s Family Demands Armaan Malik’s Eviction Over Slap-Gate Incident

Vishal Pandey Parents Bigg Boss OTT 3

Bigg Boss OTT 3 is known for the drama it offers to the audience. From difficult tasks to chaos among contestants, the reality show has its reasons for popularity. Well, at times the aggression of some contestants reaches its peak and creates chaos that goes below the belt for others. The recent incident where Armaan Malik slapped Vishal Panedy is an example of one such chaos. Armaan’s actions are going viral on the internet. It is also being criticized by fans resulting in the audience demanding his eviction for his deeds.


Vishal Pandey’s Family Raises Voice Against Armaan Malik

It all started with Vishal Pandey discussing Kritika Malik (Armaan’s wife). He complimented Kritika, noting that she looked wonderful even without makeup. He shared with his pal Lovekesh that he liked Kritika Malik. This reached Armaan Malik and the dispute spiraled out of control. When Armaan confronted Vishal about this, he became enraged and slapped him. He was also seen pushing Vishal out of anger. Vishal was in a state of utter shock when Armaan slapped and abused him. Now, Vishal Pandey’s parents have prepared a video and urged that serious action be taken against Armaan Malik.

Vishal Pandey’s parents sobbed in a social media video as they discussed the incident. They believe that Bigg Boss should immediately remove Armaan Malik from the show. His parents claim that they have never hit their kid and did not send him into the Bigg Boss house expecting someone to smack him. They also asserted that they raised their son well and that whatever is being said about him is untrue. His parents also described Armaan as a ‘criminal’. In the video, they mentioned how Vishal had reached the Bigg Boss house as a result of his hard work.


Vishal Pandey’s Sister Demands A Public Apology From Armaan


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Vishal’s sister, Neha Pandey, has posted a statement on the event. Standing for Vishal, she demanded stern action against Armaan Malik. She also asked that Armaan make a public apology to Vishal. Neha also stated that the family does not dispute his character and that every lady feels comfortable and secure with him. She asked the public to stand with her brother and started “#StandWithVishal”, “#JusticeForVishal” and “Vishalians”.

What do you think about the incident? Do you think Armaan Malik’s reaction was justified? Also, let us know your opinion on Vishal’s family’s request to the makers.

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