Chandramukhi 2 Day 4 Box Office Collection: Kangana Ranaut’s Film Rises On Day 4

"Chandramukhi 2's Spectacular Box Office Run: Kangana Ranaut Steals the Show"

Chandramukhi 2 Day 4 Box Office Collection

Kangana Ranaut’s latest venture, Chandramukhi 2, is setting the box office ablaze, earning a whopping Rs 24 crore in just four days since its release on September 28. Thus, the film’s captivating storyline and Kangana’s mesmerizing performance have indeed struck a chord with audiences across Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi markets.


Chandramukhi 2 Day 4 Box Office Collection

Chandramukhi 2 Plot

Breaking down the numbers, the film kicked off with a bang, raking in Rs 8.25 crore on day one. Day two saw a commendable Rs 4.35 crore, followed by Rs 5.05 crore on day three. Therefore, the momentum didn’t wane on the fourth day, with a solid Rs 6.8 crore added to the collection. In total, Chandramukhi 2 has amassed Rs 24.45 crore. With Tamil contributing Rs 18.48 crore, Telugu Rs 5.4 crore, and Hindi Rs 57 lakh.


The Sequel’s Success

Chandramukhi 2 Kangana

Chandramukhi 2, directed by P Vasu, is the much-anticipated sequel to the blockbuster Tamil horror comedy Chandramukhi, which starred Rajinikanth and Jyothika. Kangana Ranaut takes center stage, portraying the role of a captivating dancer in the king’s court. Thus, she is known for her beauty and impeccable dance skills. Raghava Lawrence adds a dynamic touch, playing the dual roles of a king and more.


A Visual Extravaganza

Chandramukhi 2 Raghava

The film’s trailer hints at a mysterious mansion where a family is warned to steer clear of Chandramukhi’s residence. Kangana’s portrayal of the enchanting dancer and Raghava Lawrence’s multifaceted performance as King Vettaiyan Raja. Thus, it promises a visual spectacle that has kept audiences hooked. Social media is buzzing with praise for Kangana Ranaut’s magnetic performance and the film’s engaging storyline. Fans are lauding the seamless blend of horror and comedy. Therefore, it makes Chandramukhi 2 a standout cinematic experience.


Technical Delays

Chandramukhi 2 Trailer

Originally slated for a September 15 release, Chandramukhi 2 faced technical delays, pushing its premiere to September 28. Despite the setbacks, the film has proven resilient, captivating audiences with its intriguing plot and stellar cast. In conclusion, Chandramukhi 2’s impressive box office figures underscore its undeniable success. Thus, it is a must-watch for horror comedy fans and those seeking a visual feast—Kangana Ranaut’s star power. And the film’s gripping narrative ensures that it remains a hot topic in the entertainment circuit.

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