Mirzapur Season 3 Ending And Post-Credit Scene Explained: Spoiler Alert

Mirzapur Season 3 Ending Explained

Defeaning sounds of gunshots, speeding cars, stains of blood, and intense violent words. Well, you guessed it right, Mirzapur season 3 has set its foot. The entire season revolves around revenge, power, family connections, deception, and ambition. The latest season has turned everything upside down. Mirzapur began with the antics of the Pandit family. By the conclusion of Mirzapur 3, this family and its members have been ruined. Guddu, on the other hand, has found solace in the only genuine family he still has. Season 3 still doesn’t answer many of our questions, hinting at a new season. From thrilling scenes to a stellar cast, the new season has already managed to hype the craze.


Mirzapur Season 3 Ending Explained

Mirzapur Kaaleen Bhaiya

The Pandit family’s beliefs disintegrate in Season 3 as they seek vengeance for the murders of Guddu’s wife Sweety and Golu’s beau Bablu. Guddu’s lust for power causes him to lose control, push away his remaining friends and family, and elevate murder as a means of regaining dignity.

In Season 3, Guddu’s decline is remarkable, as he strives to be the kind benefactor but encounters many obstacles. As he gains power, his opponents grow more numerous, and his brother Bablu, who served as his compass in Season 1, is no longer with him. This season, love also takes an unpleasant turn, as does his relationship with Lala’s daughter. In fact, this season sees a terrible turn in love as Shatrughan reaches unprecedented lows. If Excel Pictures and Prime Video India approve a fourth season, then expect him to play a bigger part.

Ramakant Pandit and Guddu have a moving conversation that is perceived as a reversal of Ramakant’s previous principled position, according to which doing what is necessary to live is the only morality worth upholding. The Baahubalis (strongmen) of Mirzapur feed off of fear and death, which results in political intrigues that nearly invariably result in fatalities, as well as beheadings, kidnappings, shootouts, and extrajudicial police executions.

Although Mirzapur’s third season isn’t extremely gory compared to its prior works, it does feel like the beginning of the end, especially after episode 8, when several significant characters are either killed off or given more weight as potential candidates for the “gaddi.” It’s hard to watch the show because of how graphic it is, especially when characters who have been crucial to the plot either pass away or become more serious candidates for the “gaddi.”


Kaleen Bhaiya’s Return

Pankaj Tripathi Mirzapur Season 3

With a boom, Kaleen Bhaiya makes a triumphant comeback, eliminating every potential rival in his path, all of whom have assembled to permanently alter the throne. With no formidable rivals left to contend with for the crown, Kaleen Bhaiya now has an obvious lead. However, Kaleen Bhaiya values his family and the Gaddi heir above all else. Consequently, he meets Beena Tripathi, his wife, first. This season, Kaleen Bhaiya’s involvement stops the instant he meets Beena; we are not shown what happens next. But one should remember the part where Kaleen is warned by Madhuri to follow her instructions if he wants Guddu Pandit. This implies she may have given the order to murder Sharad. This implies that she may have informed Kaleen about Beena’s involvement in an effort to harm him.


Guddu And Golu On The Run

Shweta Tripathi Mirzapur Season 3

It dawns on Kaleen Bhaiya that Guddu has already made his way out when he goes to the prison to retrieve him. The next scenario depicts Guddu and Golu meeting on a boat, most likely near Mirzapur’s boundaries. Thus, at least until the start of Season 4, the two are now fugitives and will be operating anonymously. The sequence also makes it clear that they are now in love, and that maintaining their relationship is as important to the plot as merely surviving. The two’s reign was brief, and they currently have no authority over Mirzapur. Will Guddu, though, accept that? Obviously not. It would be interesting to follow them in Season 4.


Mirzapur 3 Post-Credit Scene Explained

Ali Fazal Mirzapur Season 3

Ten episodes make up Season 3 of Mirzapur. Watch the post-credits sequence at about 51:40 minutes after the conclusion of the tenth episode. It appears to have been filmed at a labor camp. This scene, which also suggests Bina’s growing disquiet in her role as the subservient and exploited lady of the house and her increasing desire to take over the multi-crore business and all the authority associated with it, features an appearance by a formerly Tripathi family supporters for the first time this season.

A coworker tells the man we see laboring in a field that a woman has come to meet him. The male turns out to be Kaleen Bhaiya’s previous devoted guard Maqbool, who left him after Munna murdered the former’s mother and nephew. The lady is shown to be Beena’s home helper. The creators skillfully allude to the idea that Beena now has a different plan to get rid of Kaleen Bhaiya and seize control of Mirzapur in the post-credit sequence.

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