Rani Mukherjee Makes Celebrities Share Their Hichki Moments For Her Hichki Movie Promotion

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Rani Mukherjee Promotes her Movie Hichki, asks Celebrities the Hichki of Their Lives. Rani Mukherjee is making a comeback with her new movie Hichki which will be releasing on March 23rd. But the movie is already gaining support from Rani Mukherjee’s fans as the trailer itself has over 17 million views on it.

Rani Mukherjee in Hichki

And all the credit goes to this legendary actress who is promoting this movie with all the pomp and show. But not only the fans but even the celebrities are taking part in her promotions and waiting for the movie eagerly. According to Rani Mukherjee Hichki is all about overcoming obstacles in your life but also when life is pulling you back its probably going land you on something much bigger and better. Rani’s character in this movie plays a teacher named Naina who suffers Tourette syndrome which leads her to make involuntary sounds when she talks. And Mukherjee came with an interesting idea to promote this movie where she asked her celebrity friends to share their Hichki in life.


1. Katrina Kaif’s Hichki

Katrina shares her hichki moment

According to Katrina Hichki in her life was when she was the beginning of her Bollywood career when she didn’t know anything about dancing. While working for a Telugu movie, choreographer Raju Sundaram became quite irritated with the way Katrina was dancing.

Also, when movie Wanted was being shot Katrina overheard Raju Sundaram telling Salman Khan that Katrina’s dancing is a zero. He said she doesn’t know anything about dancing. Katrina was shocked. She says that this was the biggest Hichki in her life. This which made her a rock star that she is today.


2. SRK’s Hichki

SRK's Hichki

While Rani Mukherjee was talking to Shahrukh Khan he turned extremely emotional sharing the Hichki of his Life. He says that the biggest Hichki moment of his life was when his parents died. He was at a very young age and very financially weak after his parents passed away.

The loneliness, pain, and sadness of his parents’ death were so overwhelming that he needed something to vent his emotions onto. “And then I started my career as an Actor, and I often tell my family that, the day I let all my emotions out will be the end of my Acting Career,” Says Shah Rukh Khan.


3. Anil Kapoor’s Hichki

Anil Kapoor's Hichki

When Anil Kapoor is asked about Hichki in his life he says that ” When I was at the beginning of my acting career I felt that my eyes were really small and when I smile they get even smaller so I did not smile naturally when I was shooting. I used to be really conscious.

And then I realized that it’s not a big thing to worry about and I should smile freely. I worked on the way used to smile and honestly, it’s one of the biggest parts of my life.”

And not only these three but Madhuri Dixit, Sushmita Sen, Rekha, and many others are waiting for this movie already. Well after such amazing reviews by the celebrities we cannot wait for this movie anymore. Are you Excited too? What’s your Hichki in Life? Comment below and let us know. Celebrities face a lot of struggles to retain the limelight. Read about these few celebrities who went through a lot to make their character come to life and gave an outstanding performance.

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