Ileana D’Cruz Opens Up About Prioritizing Mental Health And Is Equally Important

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2020 has been the worst year for many of the people. Coronavirus Pandemic, bushfire, Cyclone Amphan, and now Nisraga, riots in America, there are many things that happened so far in 2020. This is a time when people are suffering from several mental health-related issues like anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Bollywood actress Ileana D’Cruz who is known for her amazing acting and traveling opens up about prioritizing mental health. She said it is also equally important.

Ileana D'Cruz

Recently, in an interview with Hindustan Times, Ileana D’Cruz shared several things. Ileana D’Cruz is living away from her family since lockdown. When asked, how she is holding up in over 60 days of lockdown, she said,

“Sounds strange but it doesn’t feel like so much time has gone by. Honestly, it hasn’t affected me much as I’m used to living on my own and doing everything without help. So, it’s been therapeutic for me in many ways. I’ve been organizing stuff at home, redecorating, making a few pieces of art, and cooking a lot. I realized that I don’t really need a gym. I’ve been working out in my living room and it’s worked out well for me. But one thing I miss the most is my family and I’m thankful that they’re safe although they are in different corners of the world (in the US).”

Ileana D’Cruz once fought with depression and also suffered from Body Dysmorphic Disorder. When asked, how she is coping up with stress at such time, Ileana said,

“Mental health is important, period. Irrespective of the pandemic, I’ve always maintained that you should prioritize mental well-being over your physical well-being. I have an amazing family and a beautiful support system with some wonderful friends. It helps your mental well-being in times when you need to pour your heart out to someone. Sometimes you just need someone to listen to you. We even have access to virtual sessions with a therapist, if required.”

Ileana D'Cruz

Talking about how life after lockdown and the ‘new normal’ lifestyle might affect, Ileana said,

“Safety will be of utmost importance and I’ll follow all safety measures. I’ll continue to do things that I started during this lockdown. I’ll communicate far more frequently with my family, push myself to cook some complicated recipes, declutter my house and my life, and be thankful for every little thing I have. I’m learning to not take anything, especially life, for granted. Eventually, life will move on. We’re resilient and we’ll overcome this pandemic.”

Ileana describes how actors can work from home,

“Absolutely, the virtual narration is the new thing now since we can’t have meetings arranged in the lockdown. But I do miss being on the set and hopefully, will get back to it soon. Some shoot of The Big Bull is still left and another project is also in talks.”

Talking about the things she will do once the virus gets over, Ileana told,

“I want to fly down to my family and hug them really tight. I want to go to a beach and jump into the ocean. I want to learn to play the keyboard, too.”

She was right, whether there is a pandemic or not, one should take care of their mental health. Prioritizing mental health is equally important. Well, we agree with Ileana D’Cruz. What do you say? Also, you can utilize your time in lockdown while learning new things.

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