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Jhanak 4th January 2024 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Jhanak 17th December 2023

In the opening scene of the Jhanak 4th January 2024 episode, Dr. Ghosh warns Aniruddha once more that Jhanak may be in danger of losing her life and will require hospitalization if she doesn’t regain consciousness in the next few minutes. If she manages to regain consciousness, though, home antibiotic therapy will be sufficient to heal her.  Although Anirudh is relieved, his family chastises him because they believe there should be a limit to his sympathy and compassion for her. Anirudh concurs that she should be returned to Srinagar as quickly as possible, as does everyone else.

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Anirudh’s Care

Aniruddha Jhanak

Jhanak is very weak, so the doctor asks Anirudh to take care of her and provides a list of her food needs. She opens her eyes and mumbles something incomprehensible as Appu continues to console her. Appu is ecstatic as she tries to cheer Jhanak up with a song and her doll.
After providing Anirudh with a prescription and informing him that he would return in three days for a check-up, the doctor departed.


Vinayak Is Worried For Jhanak

Srishti And Vinayak Jhanak

When Vinayak returns to the Mukherjee residence, he is shocked to hear that Jhanak is married. He keeps asking Arshi whether she heard her accurately, which irritates Arshi. Since Jhanak and Arshi are about the same age, Vinayak worries about Jhanak. He remarks that she might as well be their daughter. Srishti claims that she cannot tolerate Jhanak because of the strain Anirudh’s relationship with Arshi is experiencing due to her participation with the latter.

She requests that Arshi reevaluate her connection with Anirudh in light of the recent developments. Jhanak is married, and their family has particular expectations for married women’s behavior. As a result, Anirudh’s grandmother determines that they should set up a rite in which Jhanak is expected to wear sindur on her forehead as a sign of respect for her husband.


Jhanak Is Horrified

Apu Jhanak

Fruits are brought for her by Anirudh, who also offers them to Appu, instructing her to keep them a secret from others. But Appu misunderstands the instructions and ends up telling everyone that Jhanak is the one who should get them. When questioned further, she confesses that Anirudh had brought them for Jhanak. She further stated that he ordered Appu to keep this information private.
Jhanak shows up at the hall as she feels better in the interim. Everyone then chastises and makes fun of her, but Aniruddha’s grandma saves her. She asserts, nonetheless, that she must dress like a married lady. She is horrified to hear that Anirudh’s grandmother has scheduled a sindur ceremony for the next day, which will take place in front of their family priest.

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