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Jhanak 9th June 2024 Today’s Episode Written Updates

Jhanak Update

In the previous episode, we witnessed how the police suggested Anirudh take Jhanak out of the city for additional safety. Bharat informed Shristi and Arshi about Jhanak’s broken marriage with Tejas due to Anirudh’s heroic rescue. Jhanak, on the other hand, feared Arshi’s visit to Shrinagar and suggested Anirudh not stay at the same hotel. Arshi, in another scene, gets convinced by Bharat to visit Shrinagar and tie know with Anirudh as soon as possible. The narrative of Jhanak is at its peak and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. Continue reading to know what happened further in the show.

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Anirudh’s Care Towards Jhanak

Anirudh Krushal Ahuja Jhanak

Today’s, 9th June 2024, episode of Jhanak begins with Anirudh feeling passionately for Jhanak. He sits alongside her and stares at her with the feeling of love and care. While staring at her Anirudh subconsciously imagines his life with Jhanak. Later, he gets out of his delusion and feels embarrassed. At that point, Jhanak wakes up and witnesses Anirudh sitting alongside her in the bed. Anirudh asks her to have something since she has been suffering from high body temperature. He gets some food for her and starts feeding her. This kind gesture of Anirudh makes Jhanak feel loved and cared for. She wonders how fortunate and blessed Arshi will be to tie the knot with a man like him.

On the other hand, Shristi reaches the Bose house to inform folks about Anirudh’s heroic rescue and Jhanka’s broken marriage with Tejas. She also informs everyone about the duo’s current location, which is Kashmir. Upon hearing the news, Anirudh’s parents feel shocked and embarrassed which further makes them apologize to Arshi’s parents. Later, Shristi advises everyone to reach Kashmir as soon as possible. Arshi, on the other hand, wishes to talk to Aniruhdh.


Shristi’s Strategy

Shristi plays the mastermind of the show and strategizes a plan to teach lessons to both Anirudh and Jhanak. She plans to prepone Anirudh’s marriage with Arshi and decides to make arrangements at the same temple where Jhanak and Anirudh tied the knot with each other. Shristi plays smart and doesn’t choose to inform the family members as they would further inform Anirudh about the same. Both Arshi and Shristi conclude calling off the wedding if Anirudh cancels it from his side.


Will Jhanak Marry Rahul?

Jhanak Hiba Nawab

While Shristi plots her plan, Chhoton overhears the entire conversation and learns about Shristi’s evil plans. He immediately informs Anirudh about the same and advises him to be careful. Anirudh, on the other hand, acknowledges his instructions and decides to make arrangements for Rahul and Jhanak’s ceremony. Anirudh takes care of Jhanak as she feels weak and tired. He helps her and makes her fall asleep. The following day, Anirudh approaches Rahul at a cafe and asks him if he truly loves Jhanak. Rahul admits his true love for her, which further helps Anirudh to decide to make arrangements for their ceremony.

What do you think about today’s episode?  What will happen to Anirudh and Jhanak’s love story?

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