JNU Jahangir National University Movie Review: A Drama Thriller Takes You Inside JNU Politics

Jahangir National University JNU Movie Review Cinetales

Jahangir National University is a Bollywood drama thriller film. Vinay Sharma is the director of the movie and Pratima Datta is the producer. He produces it under the banner of Mahakaal Movies Pvt. Ltd. Additionally, the movie stars Urvashi Rautela, Ravi Kishan, and Piyush Mishra in the lead roles.


Jahangir National University Movie Story

JNU Movie Vijay Raaz Ravi Kishan

The story focuses on Krishna Kumar who is the president of the Left-Wing student association at the University. His team also has Saira Rashid who is a student leader. Meanwhile, on the other hand, another student association is led by Saurabh Sharma. It includes members like Richa Sharma and Baba Akhilesh Pathak.

They are strong supporters of nationalism and the Hindu right wing. Both the associations also receive support from political parties. Additionally, the clashes between the two associations make up for the rest of the story.


Jahangir National University JNU Movie Review

Jahangir National University Urvashi

Vinay Sharma’s directorial, Jahangir National University features the political activities that happen at a prestigious university. The direction is commendable, with several realistic scenes and situations featured effectively.

JNU Movie Urvashi

The film also conveys the idea that an educational institution shall not be a center for disputes. Moving ahead, the performances by the cast are good. Atul Pandey plays the role of the President of the Left-Wing Student Association. He is outstanding as Krishna Kumar, portraying every emotion with maturity. Siddharth Bodke and Shivjyoti Rajput are impressive.

Jahangir National University Cast

Apart from them, other cast members including Kunj Anand, Urvashi Rautela, and Piyush Mishra did a fine job. Vijay Raaz and Ravi Kishan’s cameo performance adds interest to the narrative. Meanwhile, the music doesn’t have a significant role in this thriller. The well, with the kind of story it has, a lot of viewers will have the notion of it being propaganda. The dialogue has a double meaning in some parts and also there are use of inappropriate language. The dance number breaks the momentum. If the narrative had been more gripper, it would have garnered more appreciation.


Final Verdict

Jahangir National University Movie

JNU boasts a combination of drama, action, passion, emotions, and betrayal. However, at some points, it fails to hold the audience’s attention. Still, it makes a good watch. We rate this movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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