Shaitaan Day 3 Box Office Collection: Ajay Devgn’s Film Crossed Rs 50 Crore In Its Opening Weekend

Shaitaan Box Office

The scary outreach of “Shaitaan” has echoed through the film industry, dazzling crowds and raking in a faltering Rs 55.13 crore nett in its first Weekend of the film. This extraordinary spine-chiller, helmed by director Vikas Bahl, has glued watchers with its evil plot and heavenly depiction by Ajay Devgn, R Madhavan, Jyotika, and Janki Bodiwala.


Shaitaan Day 3 Box Office Collection

The film was released on Friday, March 8, thus projecting its spell with a Rs 15.21 crore nett opening. The next day, Saturday, took the collection to Rs 19.18 crore, leaving crowds entranced. Sunday saw a charming Rs 20.74 crore collection at the box office, thus raking in a total of Rs 55.13 crore. Shaitaan saw a weekend occupancy of 36.24 percent on Sunday.

Day Box Office Collection
Day 1 Rs 15.21 crore
Day 2 Rs 19.18 crore
Day 3 Rs 20.74 crore
Total Rs 55.13 crore


The Strange Story Unfurls

Shaitaan Movie R Madhavan

The film acquaints us with Kabir’s played by Ajay Devgn, apparently decent family — his better half Jyoti played by Jyotika, young girl Jahnavi played by Janki Bodiwala,  and geeky child Dhruv, Anngad Raaj. In any case, when the mysterious role of Vanraj Kashyap, portrayed by R Madhavan, enters their lives, an agitating concern creeps in. Vanraj bafflingly deals with Jahnavi. Thus convincing her to submit to all his orders. Fear replaces concern as Vanraj’s requests turn progressively alarming, jeopardizing Jahnavi and her loved ones. Also, the film unwinds the mystery behind Vanraj’s power and the family’s frantic battle to get away from his torment.


Audience Reception

Shaitaan Movie Trailer

Shaitaan amazes its audience with its spooky feeling, ably created without CGI contrivances. The main bad guy’s expectations and brain games leave watchers panicked. R Madhavan’s malevolence is chillingly persuading, while Ajay Devgn depicts a determined yet powerless dad. Jyotika perseveres in her role, Thus adding profundity to the film.


Beyond The Supernatural

Shaitaan Ajay Devgn Madhavan

Shaitaan dates back to the age of discussion of power versus science, entwining human nature with evil nature. Cinematographer Sudhakar Reddy Yakkanti winds around obscurity and fear, supported by Amit Trivedi’s eerie music. Also, while the development is frightening, the climax uncovers an anticipated twist. Shaitaan’s agitating experience waits, leaving crowds both captivated and spooked.


Jyotika’s Maternal Secret

Shaitaan Movie Plot

Jyotika, portraying the role of a mother to Janki Bodiwala, maintains her mysteries close. Also, her depiction touches on parenthood on screen, thus echoing her genuine encounters. What stowed-away profundities exist in her personality? Only the shadows know.

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