Who Is Luther Chen? Eliminated From Food Star Season 1 Episode 4, Gordon Ramsey’s Show

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On Wednesday, June 14, 2023, at 9 p.m. ET on Fox, a new episode of the first season of the reality cooking competition series, “Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars” began. This episode saw the remaining candidates competing in both team and individual challenges to make extraordinary dishes. Their goal was to demonstrate their best culinary skills and gain their place in the tournament. While a few participants were successful, others fell short of their goals.


Luther Chen In Food Star

Luther Chen

Luther Chen, a brilliant chef from Los Angeles, California, was eliminated in the most recent episode of Food Stars, becoming the fourth contender to exit the competition. He is well-known for his profitable fried chicken business, Luther Bob’s, which has grown in popularity. Despite his culinary prowess, Luther regretfully missed the big prize—an investment that would have bolstered and driven his company’s growth.


Luther Chen’s Journey

Luther obtained great expertise as a queue and grill cook in numerous restaurants during his time as a student. Following his educational adventure, he polished his talents and experience by working as a restaurant manager. Luther’s varied experiences have contributed to his competence and passion for the culinary arts, enabling him to compete on the Food Stars reality show.

Luther Chen obtained great experience as a stagiaire, working as an intern in the culinary sector for two months before launching his own food truck. He established his own food truck, Shao Kao BBQ, following this period. Luther specialized in making Chinese skewers cooked over Japanese binchotan charcoal and integrating them with Western elements, according to his LinkedIn bio.

Luther’s culinary enterprise, Shao Kao BBQ, was featured in prestigious journals and shown, such as Eater LA, LA Times, and the Bravo series Off The Menu. These appearances helped to highlight his distinctive culinary creations and drew notice to his novel approach to Chinese skewers.


Luther Chen’s Elimination

Luther Chen encountered unforeseen challenges on his way to competing on Food Stars. He openly acknowledged in an interview with Pasadena Weekly that he experienced a setback when he damaged his fingers and needed stitches. This sad incident put his participation in the competition at risk. Luther’s persistent perseverance, on the other hand, won, allowing him to display his culinary skills and toughness on the show. Despite his initial reservations, Luther’s determination and love for his profession eventually shone through, allowing him to overcome the difficulties and secure his place in the competition.

Season 1 of Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars is becoming increasingly intense with each episode. As the episode progresses, the surviving contenders must give it their all to establish their worth and eventually make it to the finale. With eliminations looming over their heads every week, it will be interesting to watch who walks away with the prize.

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