Surveen Chawla, Her Husband And Brother Have All Been Caught Red-Handed For Fraud

Surveen Chawla Fraud Worth Rs 40 Lakhsvia

Hate Story star Surveen Chawla, her brother Mavinder Singh and husband, Akshay Thakkar have all been caught red-handed in acts of fraud. The trio has landed themselves in trouble. After allegations against them were booked to police with charges of non-payment of the borrowed amount. It was from a businessman based off Hoshiarpur. Following this, The three took the loan for the production of their film Nil Battey Sannata from businessman Satyapal Gupta. Satyapal was said that the trio would return the borrowed amount after the film release. But shockingly failed to, the complaint reported.


The Fraud Case

Surveen Chawla Fraud Worth Rs 40 Lakhs

In 2014, Surveen, Mavinder, and Akshay had asked Satyapal all mutually decided and proceeded to invest an amount of Rs. 1 crore. Which, was for their film Nil Battey Sannata. They promised to give back Rs. 50 lakhs in six months. Gupta had paid Rs. 51 lakh. However, out of which, 11 lakhs got canceled due to technical problems. Which, reports from Peeping Moon revealed.


Surveen Chawla Fraud Worth Rs 40 Lakhs

Gupta reported that the amount was paid partially. And it was through installments. Later on, the 11 lakhs was also given directly to the star, Surveen Chawla. It goes like, the first payment of 9 lakh was paid on June 16, 2014. Which, was from the firm. Rs. 11 lakh was deposited on June 19, 2014. And, was sent to Surveen Chawla. Rs. 10 lakh was deposited on June 23, 2014. Further on, other two payments of Rs. 5 lakhs were made each through Grey Motors, his associate firm.


Surveen Chawla Fraud Worth Rs 40 Lakhs

Surveen had assured the return of Rs. 17 lakhs in six months. And upon meeting his son on several occasions. However, after the film was released on April 22, 2016, the three cut all connections with Gupta. Despite repeated efforts and countless emails, there has been no response. This shocking issue is certainly not looking good for the actress, what do you think? There are a lot of scams and violence going on. In Bollywood, casting couch is another such inhumane scam. Read on about it here.

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