Anupama 28th August 2023 Today’s Episode Written Update

Anupamaa Written Update 24 May 2023

Today’s Anupama 28th August 2023 episode begins with Kavya speaking with her doctor about her pain difficulties, after which she receives medical advice. Meanwhile, Leela becomes annoyed when she sees Dimple’s terrible serving skills and tells her to do things correctly because she is spilling everything in the kitchen. Dimple tells Leela to speak slowly so that her friends can’t hear her. When one of Dimple’s friends enters the kitchen, Leela becomes terrified since she is wearing her shoes and informs her to remove them. This causes the friend to assume Leela is insulting her, and as a result, she leaves the house angry. Continue reading to know more about what transpires in today’s episode.

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The Unfortunate Accident

Madalsa Sharma

As Vanraj approaches the house after coming home from work, he sees Leela and Dimple fighting. In his frustration, he yells, “A man wishes to feel peace in his house once he returns as an exhausted person.” Dimple remarks that Kavya has also misbehaved a lot with Leela as Kavya enters and asks Dimple and Leela to remain calm and not become angry with one another. Leela agrees when Kavya requests Dimple not to imitate other people’s bad behavior. Dimple then turns away angrily, and Kavya’s water glass spills.

Everyone watches in disbelief as Kavya stumbles on the water as she tries to pursue Dimple and drops to the ground with a thud. As a result, she is immediately taken to the hospital.


Anupama Is Shocked

Anupamaa 25 May 2023 Written Update

At the hospital, after the examinations, Anupama and Vanraj enter the office to speak with the doctor. The doctor informs them that there is abdominal pain while the sonography results are normal. This necessitated keeping Kavya under surveillance for the following 24 hours.

Anupama is shocked when Vanraj refers to Kavya’s baby as “ours” out of frustration. She tells him that his actual thoughts have finally aired.

On the other hand, Leela warns Dimple that she will be expelled from the house if something untoward occurs to Kavya or her child out of rage.

Samar tries to defend his wife as Toshu accuses Dimple of doing something she did not intend to do.

When Dimple talks to Kinjal, she claims that she didn’t do anything intentionally and that everyone is treating her like a murderer. Kinjal responds by acknowledging that Dimple isn’t to blame.


Is Vanraj Finally Accepting The Baby?

Vanraj Fight Kavya Anupamaa

Upon his return, Vanraj sits by Kavya’s side and makes an effort to reassure her when she becomes anxious about the baby. Vanraj utters the phrase “our baby,” which gives Kavya hope. But when Kavya asks Vanraj if he has accepted the child, Vanraj responds negatively.

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