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Anupama 2nd October 2023

The 4th December 2023 Anupama episode begins with Ankush and Anuj addressing official affairs at the workplace. Ankush comments that the workload at the US headquarters has grown significantly. Ankush advises they go to the US office once and meet the new personnel to form a shared link, which piques Anuj’s curiosity. Curiosity overtaking, Ankush asks Anuj whether he ever wants to return to the US, where he resided for years with his family. Anuj finds it strange that he did not want to return to India before meeting Anupama, but now he does not want to go because everything he loves is in India.

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Anupama Hugs Anuj

Anupama 29th August 2023

Ankush thinks Anupama is Anuj’s lucky charm. Anuj immediately agrees and adds he just wants to enjoy life without any stress with Anupama, watching the sunset and reminiscing about their earlier years together. Anupama reaches the cabin, which surprises Anuj because she was not meant to come to the workplace. Ankush grants them solitude before leaving to conduct other work.

As Ankush exits the cabin, Anupama firmly hugs Anuj without saying anything, leaving Anuj surprised and asking what is upsetting her. Anupama considers Vanraj and Pakhi’s prior words but does not divulge anything to Anuj; instead, she tells him that she may embrace him at any moment. Hearing Anupama’s assertion, Anuj surrenders and informs her about his and Ankush’s US discussion, leaving Anupama speechless while Anuj speaks with someone from the US office.


Vanraj’s Shocking Revelation

Anupama 3rd September 2023

Meanwhile, Vanraj continues to bring fruits for Kavya. She interrupts him and says she needs emotional care from him. Vanraj, according to Kavya, does not even look her in the eyes when he speaks to her, although he has enough time to care for others. Vanraj admits that Dimpy’s kid has Shah’s blood going through it, but Kavya is not the same. He requests Kavya not to shove the baby at him.


Pakhi’s Bitter Words

Anupama 1st September 2023

Pakhi, on the other hand, glances at her reports and imagines herself with her kid, which makes her very happy. As Anu walks down the corridor, Pakhi calls her and tells her the good news. Following this, she tells her everyone will forget about her after Pakhi gives birth. Anu warns Pakhi not to utter things like that because Anupama and Anuj will never forget her, leaving Pakhi in a bad mood.


Kavya Wants To State Something

Madalsa Sharma

Simultaneously, Anupama brings meals to Anuj at the workplace and is taken aback when Anuj requests that she feed him with her hands. Anupama feeds Anuj, who then feeds Anupama, and they recall the period when they wanted to create a restaurant run by housewives. Later, Vanraj serves tea for everyone but does not summon Kavya, leaving her sitting in the corner. Vanraj discovers Titu on her phone phoning Dimpy. Kavya stands up and informs everyone that she needs to say something. This causes Vanraj to stare at her intently. Anupama assists Romil with his packing and wishes him the best of luck for his new college when his girlfriend arrives, which piques Anupama’s interest.

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