Bhagya Lakshmi Today’s Episode 26th July 2023 Written Updates

Bhagya Lakshmi 26th July 2023

The 26th July 2023 episode of Bhagya Lakshmi opens with Lakshmi eager to wed Vikrant, which annoys Bani and Shalu because no advice can convince her otherwise. Continue to know what happens next.

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Harleen Advises Neelam

Bhagya Lakshmi Written Update Latest Episode

While Neelam and Karishma attempt to blame everything on Lakshmi, Dadi continues to call them out for their conceit. Malishka stands and listens to all that is being said, while Ayush welcomes Harleen’s support and continues that they are seeing Lakshmi marry Vikrant because of terrible days.

Harleen tells Neelam that her attitude needs to change since it will cause her many problems in the future. Nidhi gets offended and questions her about how she dared to say this to her.


Rishi To Wait For Mayur

Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd June 2023 Latest Episode Updates

On the other hand, Lakshmi asserts that she chose to wed Vikrant and vacate the Oberoi house. While anxiously awaiting Mayur to complete his ritual and return with the piece of evidence against Vikrant, Rishi keeps moving back and forth.


Where Will The Story Of Bhagya Lakshmi Take Us?

Bhagya Lakshmi Rishi Lakshmi

Rishi waits for Mayur as Harleen declares that what has already been written cannot be altered in the opening scene of the upcoming episode.

While Karishma counsels Neelam not to worry since she will manage the problem, Neelam becomes irritated. Everyone is shocked when Karishma announces that plans must only be made for Vikrant and Lakshmi’s wedding today.

Karishma enters Lakshmi’s room after Bani and Shalu have left and makes fun of her for her previous antics. Karishma recalls how Lakshmi once switched places with the lovers in the Mandap. She must ensure this time that Vikrant is the sole man Lakshmi marries. Lakshmi is silently staring at the floor.

However, when Rishi finally asks Mayur to see Vikrant’s wife and is overjoyed, Rishi is startled to see the photo when Mayur presents it to him. At the same time, Rishi isn’t answering his phone, Ayush paces in his room and phones him to inform him about the commotion at home.

Will Rishi be able to expose Vikrant?

What do you think will happen in the story ahead? Tell us your opinion in the comment section provided below. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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