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Bigg Boss 17: Aishwarya Sharma And Neil Bhatt Get Into A Heated Argument

Aishwarya Sharma Fight With Neil Bhatt

Bigg Boss 17 never fails to captivate viewers with a captivating blend of drama and participant tensions unraveling. The captaincy challenge took center stage in the most recent episode. Teams led by Vicky Jain and Neil Bhatt split up the house. Ego clashes, particularly between the couple, increased tension, resulting in a passionate argument. After that, Aishwarya started crying, and Neil tried to comfort her. Oddly, his attempts only served to enrage her more, and she begged him to keep his distance and refrain from touching her. Continue reading to find out what transpired between the two competitors.

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The Nasty Argument

A new leadership challenge on Bigg Boss replaced Munawar Faruqui. Two teams were tasked with dividing the home into two groups and having each group try to collect fake apples from a tree. The winning team would have the most significant number of Apple boxes validated. Isha took over as the new captain of the house after Vicky Jain’s team won the challenge. Feeling hurt by this, Aishwarya, Neil, and the other candidates asked Munawar to render a verdict. Then, over the challenge, Aishwarya and Neil got into a furious dispute.


Aishwarya Breaks Down

Bigg Boss 17 Day 2 Neil Aishwarya
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Aishwarya told Neil how frustrated she was, stating, “I asked you explicitly not to let me go first to check the apples.” Their boxes had my approval, but Ankita had tricked us. We could have completed the task if you hadn’t pushed me to go first. The false nature of Ankita’s actions is unbearable. Neil made an effort to comfort her and told her not to cry. “It’s okay now; let it go,” he said. Keep these things in perspective; everything will work out.

Neil tried to console Aishwarya and wipe away her tears, but she expressed discomfort with his attempt by saying, “Please don’t do this; don’t touch me right now.” I don’t like how you seem to be mistreating me. I know you love me and can’t bear to see me like this, but please understand that there are things I just don’t enjoy.


Aishwarya Neglects Neil’s Apology

Aishwarya refused to give in to Neil’s sincere apology or to implore her to manage her feelings. Later in the game, Big Boss gives Vicky’s team the task—which they win—and tells them to choose a captain from inside. The participants had different perspectives; some backed Ankita, while others went with Isha. Isha was ultimately selected as the house captain by a unanimous vote.

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