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Bigg Boss 17 Today’s Episode 23rd December 2023: Vicky Jain’s Gestures Sparks Outrage

Bigg Boss 17 12th December 2023

In a jaw-dropping turn of events on Bigg Boss 17, tensions between celebrity couple Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain they reached a boiling point, leaving viewers stunned as Vicky attempted to slap Ankita during a heated argument broadcasted on national television.

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The Explosive Incident

In a recent episode, Vicky engaged in a heated exchange with fellow contestant Abhishek Kumar over food items, with Ankita intervening to calm the situation. However, things took a shocking turn when Vicky, visibly irritated, raised his hand towards Ankita, leaving her in a momentary state of shock. The incident drew gasps from onlookers, including fellow contestants Abhishek and Arun Mashettey.


Social Media Erupts

The incident quickly made its way to social media, where a Bigg Boss fan page shared the alarming video. Fans expressed concern over Vicky’s aggressive behavior, with one user noting Ankita’s “natural reaction” and suggesting that such incidents might have occurred. Another empathetic tweet read, “Ankita’s reaction makes it clear this has happened before too… feeling bad for her.” Amidst the controversy, some viewers hailed Ankita as the only “winner material” in the show.


Backdrop Of Marital Strife

The tension between Ankita and Vicky had been building up, with a previous episode showcasing Ankita’s displeasure when Vicky made light of the struggles faced by married men. Vicky’s comment, expressing the inability of married men to articulate their suffering, prompted Ankita to respond sternly, “If you suffer so much, then why are you with me? Let’s take a divorce; I don’t want to go back home with you.” Adding fuel to the fire, an earlier episode featured Ankita and Vicky engaging in a conversation with their respective mothers. Vicky’s mother expressed her displeasure at the couple’s constant bickering inside the Bigg Boss house, mentioning instances of Ankita allegedly kicking him and throwing slippers at him. Ankita, in turn, became agitated when Vicky’s mother brought up the topic of the freedom Vicky had supposedly granted his wife, prompting Ankita to question the meaning behind such statements.


Ankita Emerges As The Resilient Force

Bigg Boss 17 17th October 2023
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As the controversy unfolds, Ankita Lokhande emerges as a resilient force, navigating the tumultuous waters of her relationship on national television. The shocking incident has sparked discussions about the dynamics of Ankita and Vicky’s relationship and the boundaries of acceptable behavior on reality shows like Bigg Boss. As the nation watches the fallout from Vicky’s startling gesture, the fate of Ankita and Vicky’s relationship within the Bigg Boss house remains uncertain. With emotions running high, viewers can expect more twists and turns in the days to come as the drama on Bigg Boss 17 continues to captivate audiences nationwide.

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