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Bigg Boss 17 Today’s Episode 19th January 2024: Ankita Lokhande’s Emotional Break Down

Bigg Boss 17 4th January 2024

The latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss 17’ has taken a dramatic turn, with high emotions and friendships breaking apart. Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain, and Isha Malviya found themselves in the midst of a heated argument, leading to unexpected revelations and a surprising emotional outburst from Ankita. Let’s delve into the jaw-dropping moments that unfolded on the latest episode of the controversial reality show.

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Ankita Breaks Ties With Munawar

The tensions escalated as Ankita Lokhande severed her ties with friend and co-housemate Munawar Faruqui. Expressing her dissatisfaction with Munawar’s behavior, Ankita labeled him a ‘coward’ and confronted him about what she perceived as overreactions to situations. Ankita’s husband, Vicky Jain, also chimed in, expressing his disappointment with Munawar’s true colors. This unexpected rift left Ankita visibly upset, ultimately leading her to declare the end of their friendship.


Isha’s Verbal Attack On Mannara

Meanwhile, Isha Malviya verbally attacked Mannara Chopra, accusing her of being a ‘two-timing’ contestant just like Munawar. The verbal exchange intensified as Isha labeled Mannara as ‘characterless, fake, and coward,’ going as far as calling her the ‘undeserving finalist.’ Mannara defended herself, asserting that she had earned her spot in the finale through individual efforts.


Body-Shaming Controversy

In a shocking turn of events, Ankita Lokhande and Isha Malviya resorted to body-shaming Mannara Chopra during the argument. The exchange took an unexpected turn when Mannara passed comments on Ankita’s husband, Vicky Jain, receiving an unexpected appreciation from him. This triggered Ankita, who demanded that Vicky refrain from taking Mannara’s side. The situation spiraled out of control, leading Ankita to break down in tears.


Ankita’s Emotional Outburst

In a candid moment, Ankita, Vicky, and Isha engaged in a discussion about Mannara. Thus leading to laughter from Vicky and Isha. This laughter triggered an unexpected emotional outburst from Ankita, who expressed her feelings of insecurity and frustration. Ankita shared her concerns about being laughed at behind her back, feeling insulted, and struggling with the fear that inhibits her from expressing herself freely. Vicky dismissed the situation as an overreaction, leaving Ankita visibly upset.


The Road Ahead

Bigg Boss 17 Day 2
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As ‘Bigg Boss 17’ inches closer to its grand finale on January 28, the house is buzzing with tension and unexpected twists. The emotional turmoil Ankita Lokhande experienced has added a new layer of complexity to the relationships within the house. Fans eagerly await the finale to see how these dramatic events will shape the destiny of the remaining contestants. Including Vicky Jain, Ankita Lokhande, Abhishek Kumar, Arun Mahshettey, Isha Malviya, Mannara Chopra, Munawar Faruqui, and Ayesha Khan. Stay tuned for more updates on the rollercoaster ride that is ‘Bigg Boss 17.’

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