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Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Grand Finale: Winner, Runner-Up 14th January 2024 Episode

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 Winner

After an exhilarating three-month journey filled with drama and suspense, Bigg Boss Tamil 7 finally reaches its climax tonight. Hosted by the charismatic Kamal Haasan, the grand finale promises an intense battle for the coveted winner’s trophy. With the top 5 finalists – Vishnu Vijay, Manichandra, Dinesh Gopalsamy, Maya Krishnan, and VJ Archana – the audience eagerly anticipates the ultimate champion’s revelation.

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Farewell To Ex-Contestants

As the plasma screen showcased a specially curated video, the housemates gathered, taking a trip down memory lane. Bigg Boss bid a heartfelt farewell to the 13 ex-contestants, who, filled with gratitude, shared their best wishes for the finalists—this poignant moment marked a significant juncture in the Bigg Boss Tamil 7 journey. Adding a nostalgic touch to the emotional episode, Bigg Boss threw a curveball at the finalists with the ‘BB Memory Book’ task. Archana, Maya, Vishnu, Mani, and Dinesh were tasked with penning down their most cherished memories in the Bigg Boss house. Therefore, this activity stirred emotions and escalated the competition to unprecedented levels.


Unveiling The Top Five Finalists

The stakes soared as the top five finalists – Archana, Maya, Vishnu, Mani. Dinesh was revealed, setting the stage for an intense battle. Each move and decision by the contestants became critical in determining the ultimate winner of the coveted ‘Bigg Boss Tamil 7 title. Thus, the specially curated video offered viewers an emotional glimpse into the finalists’ journey within the Bigg Boss house. Moments of joy, laughter, and challenges were relived. Thus leaving the housemates visibly moved. Also, the grand finale promises to be a culmination of these emotions, with fans eagerly anticipating the crowning of the champion.


Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 Winner

As fans fervently vote for their favorite finalists, the online realm buzzes with speculation and opinions. A recent poll by Bigg Boss Booster has turned the spotlight on Maya, suggesting she might clinch the title. The results show Maya with a narrow lead, securing 47.7% of the votes, while Archana closely follows with 46.2%. The race for the Bigg Boss Tamil 7 crown is undeniably tight. However, Archana Ravichandran created history in the Bigg Boss Tamil franchise ever of becoming the first wildcard and second female winner. At the same time, Manichandra emerged as the runner-up.


Bigg Boss Tamil 7

Contrary to poll predictions, widespread speculations about Archana emerging as the winner tonight exist. Archana will make history as the first wildcard contestant to lift the Bigg Boss Tamil trophy if the rumors are accurate. The Raja Rani 2 actress entered the show as a wildcard entrant, winning hearts with her strong gameplay. Archana’s journey in the Bigg Boss house has been nothing short of remarkable.

Entering as a wildcard, she navigated the challenges, showcased her resilience, and secured a spot in the top 5. Also, reports suggest that Archana, with her dynamic presence, has become a frontrunner for the title. In a surprising revelation, Archana’s salary for her stint on Bigg Boss Tamil 7 has been disclosed. The actress charged an impressive Rs 2.25 lakhs for her time on the reality show. This revelation adds an intriguing layer to Archana’s journey, underscoring her significance in the competition.


Grand Finale Shoot Wrapped Up

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Kamal Haasan

The shooting for the grand finale of Bigg Boss Tamil 7 has concluded, and the winner has been chosen. The much-anticipated moment will unfold on January 14, with Vijay TV broadcasting the grand finale at 6 PM. The competition among the finalists – Mani, Archana, Dinesh, Maya, and Vishnu – reached its pinnacle, creating an atmosphere of heightened excitement. Also, with Archana reportedly receiving significant votes and the finale shoot wrapped up, all eyes are on the grand reveal. If Archana emerges as the winner, it will mark a historic moment in the annals of Bigg Boss Tamil, showcasing the unpredictability and appeal of wildcard contestants.


All About The Grand Finale Of Bigg Boss Tamil 7

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Logo

As the curtains come down on Bigg Boss Tamil 7, the entertainment world eagerly awaits the crowning moment. Whether Maya’s slight lead in the polls or Archana’s surprising journey to the top materializes, one thing is certain. Therefore, the finale will be nothing short of spectacular. So stay tuned for the grand reveal as Bigg Boss Tamil 7 concludes its thrilling season, making way for a memorable winner in Archana or another deserving finalist.

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