Cambodian Actress Got Possessed While Shooting For A Horror Movie, Video Went Viral

She Attacked A Fellow Actress And Injured Her

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Almost everyone loves the horror movies. They give an ultimate ride of thrill and entertainment. However, making a horror movie is not pleasant all the times. A lot of times the makers and the actors have faced many spine-chilling and supernatural incidents while making the horror movies. They claimed to witness the supernatural spirits around the sets. This time, in a spine-chilling incident, took place on the sets of a horror movie. A Cambodian actress got possessed while she was acting.


A Cambodian Actress Got Possessed By Demon

Cambodian Actress

A Cambodian actress, who was playing the role of a ghost in the movie, got possessed on the sets. Moreover, the actress attacked the co-star. She tried to choke the co-actress with a thin wire. The wound on the neck of the actress is clearly visible. This has shocked everyone.


The Video Went Viral On Social Media

Cambodian Actress

The video of the incident was captured and it was uploaded to social media. The video got spread all over the internet in no time like the wildfire. In the video, the cast and crew members were trying to talk to the actress. And they were asking the spirit o get out of her body.


Remember While Casting The Actors

Cambodian Actress

While casting someone in the horror movies, they should keep in mind that the actor should not be a chicken heart. The actor who plays the ghost should be mentally strong before leaping for these kinds of roles.


Real Or Fake?


The video has left everyone stunned, while some call it an act of publicity while others call it the dark side of making horror movies. Since we are not sure about the authenticity of the incident, it is hard to tell if it is real or just another stunt to trap everyone’s attention. You can check the video here.

What do you say about it? Is it real? Or Is It just a publicity stunt? Also, check the upcoming horror movies that will chill your spine.

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