Sonu Sood Reacts To Mutton Shop Named After Him, ‘I Am A Vegetarian’

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Sonu Sood became a real-life hero for millions of people. He is helping people since lockdown. From providing rations to sending migrant workers homes, Sonu Sood has done everything he can to help people. Actor himself shared that he received over 41000 requests in 24 hours for beds, oxygen, and injections. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Sonu has been a knight in shining armor for many people. He also helped people stuck in different parts of the world as well.

Sonu Sood

People have started calling Sonu Sood a Messiah. He mostly did negative roles in the movie but now is a real-life superhero. Sonu follows a vegetarian diet in real life and is a vegetarian. He is also named the hottest vegetarian 2020 by PETA India. Many people have opened their shops and business in Sonu Sood’s name as a sign of respect for the actor. Even there are cases where people have named their babies on actor’s name, and even streets are named after his name. Recently, a video has gone viral on Twitter. A news video in Telugu says a mutton shop has been named after Sonu’s name in Karimnagar, Telangana.

Sonu Sood reacted to the video and wrote,

I am a vegetarian..
N mutton shop on my name?🙈 
Can I help him open something vegetarian 😄

Sonu offers help to the shopkeeper to open something vegetarian. These days Sonu Sood is helping people with injections, oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders, and also in providing beds at the hospital. Recently, Sonu has also announced that he is setting up a couple of oxygen plants in Andhra Pradesh in June. One will be at Kurnool Medical Hospital and the other at District Hospital. You are doing fantastic work, Sonu Sood. Thank you for the inspiration.

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