The Teaser Of Anushka Sharma Starrer Pari Is Out, Anushka Is Ready To Haunt You

The Teaser Is Not Recommended For Weak Hearts

Anushka Sharmavia

The teaser of the Anushka Sharma starrer movie, Pari is out and has received the desired response on YouTube. The film is produced by Anushka Sharma who is also the lead actress in the movie. Judging from the first look, we are in for another dose of entertainment and throat drying action.


The Teaser Of Pari

Anushka Sharma

The 50 seconds long teaser can strike fear in any mind. Anushka Sharma has seen the teaser as bruised and battered. No doubt, she is the one possessed by the demon in the movie. Moreover, the intensity that Anushka showed in the teaser is utterly high. She is exactly looking like a lady possessed and tortured by the evil spirits.


Left Us Curious And Craving More

Anushka Sharma

In the end of the teaser we saw Anushka Sharma looking at herself but in demonic form, this made everyone curious about the story. This teaser left us craving for more. However, we have to wait until the film is released.


Year Of Horror Movies

Anushka Sharma

2018 is the year for the horror movies lovers. There are many movies that are scheduled to release this year. Check the list of those movies here; they will chill your spine for sure.


The Film Will Release On 2nd March 2018 

Anushka Sharma Pari

The supernatural horror movie Pari is scheduled to release on 2nd March 2018 and the production of the film started in June 2017. However, the production of the movie was stopped when a crew member died of electrocution. But after sometimes the production was resumed. The fun for Holi will be doubled with this movie. Are you excited about this one?

Check the full video here.

What do you think about the teaser of Pari? Don’t you think it is scary? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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