Cook With Comali (CWC) 4 Today’s Episode 4th June 2023, Elimination And First Finalist Name

Cook with Comali 4: Sivaangi Krishnakumar Shocks Fans as First Finalist with Unexpected Twist

Cook With Comali (CWC) 4

The highly anticipated reality cookery show, Cook with Comali, has returned for its fourth season on Vijay TV. Thus captivating fans with intense competition and surprising twists. In an unexpected turn of events, beloved singer Sivaangi Krishnakumar has claimed victory in the immunity round. It is securing her place as the first finalist of the season. This unexpected twist has left fans on the edge of their seats as they eagerly anticipate the thrilling showdown that lies ahead.


Sivaangi’s Remarkable Progress

Cook With Comali 4
Disney+ Hotstar

Sivaangi Krishnakumar delighted fans as one of the Comalies in the previous three seasons. It has not only won their hearts but has also gained exciting opportunities in the film industry. Known for her appearances in movies such as Don and Nai Shekhar Returns, she is set to play a committee member in an upcoming film. Her transformation from a novice cook to the first finalist of Cook with Comali Season 4 has garnered widespread praise and congratulations from her dedicated fan base.


The Immunity Round

The latest episode of Cook with Comali introduced Immunity Week, where the contestant who wins the immunity band becomes the first contestant to join the top 5. The main cooking challenge centered around popular Indian and Western dishes, with the Comalis selecting their dishes with the help of vessels placed on the desk. While Vichithra secured the advantage, Mime Gopi and Shristi swapped dishes, adding an unexpected twist to the competition.


The Challenge And Hindrance

Disney+ Hotstar

To add to the complexity of the cooking challenge, the cooks had to instruct the Comalis from a booth for the first 30 minutes and then stand next to them and provide guidance for the remaining 20 minutes. This hindrance further tested the skills and coordination of the contestants, pushing them to their limits.

Cook with Comali Season 4 continues to keep viewers hooked with its thrilling and entertaining format. Sivaangi Krishnakumar’s surprising victory in the immunity round. Therefore making her the first finalist has shocked fans and heightened the anticipation for the upcoming episodes. Hosted by Rakshan and judged by Chef Dhamu and Venkatesh Bhatt. The show promises to deliver more exciting moments and fierce competition as the remaining contestants battle it out for the coveted title. Stay tuned to witness the thrilling showdown on Cook with Comali Season 4!

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