Couples Retreat Season 3 Episode 3: Release Date And Time, A Brief Summary

Yung Joc and Kendra have an explosive conversation in the upcoming episode of Couples Retreat. Read to know more

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In this week’s episode of Couples Retreat, Joc and Kendra have a furious argument over their relationship, which makes Kendra feel disregarded. Kendra confides in Shamari, expressing her reasons for choosing to solely handle the responsibilities associated with Joc, her child. Tiana discovers concerning messages on Fatboy’s phone, causing her distress. The past traumas of Falynn and Jaylan resurface, prompting AJ to question the dynamics of their relationship.


Couples Retreat Season 3 Episode 3 Highlights

Genre Reality
Network MTV
Air Date May 16, 2023
Episode Name Back To Bae-Sics


Episode Info

Couples Retreat Season 3 Episode 3

Kendra confides in Shamari about why Joc is the only child she wants to deal with; Tiana discovers some frightening texts on Fatboy’s phone; and Falynn and Jaylan’s earlier traumas reappear, leaving AJ wondering about their connection.


When And Where To Watch Couples Retreat Season 3 Episode 3

Couples Retreat

It is aired on Tuesday, May 16, 2023, at 09:00 PM ET on MTV. Fans can readily jump to the platform to watch the latest episode of the Couples Retreat.


What To Expect In Couples Retreat Season 3 Episode 3

Couples Retreat Season 3

In the upcoming Couples Retreat season 3 episode “Back to Bae-sics,” Yung Joc and Kendra talk about their relationship. Kendra, a Love & Hip Hop star, confronts Joc about his conduct, noting that some of the things he puts her through are normal and should not be happening in their relationship. Additionally, a social media commercial shows Kendra expressing her feelings to Joc. She said:

As Joc suggests that participating in Couples Retreat might help Kendra view his behavior as normal, she firmly asserts that he cannot compel her to perceive it in that way. Kendra emphatically states that this will not be the case. While Joc attempts to make a point, Kendra urges him to regain his composure by firmly telling him to “calm the f*ck down” and assures him that she is fine. Joc observes that she is not experiencing the situation in “real-time” and inquires about any recent actions on his part that could have provoked such accusations. In response, Kendra insists that they cannot engage in a conversation until Joc allows her the opportunity to express herself and actively listens to her.


What Did The Confessional Say

Couples Retreat Season 3 Ep 3

Jasiel, along with her, had the opportunity to mend and restore their relationship, embarking on a journey of healing together. However, it is crucial to recognize that now is not the time to diminish the significance of what they’ve occurred. They must exercise the utmost care and sensitivity in their approach towards this situation, as it remains delicate and vulnerable. The passage of time does not diminish its importance, no matter how many years have passed.


Falynn’s Past And Confessional

In a recently shared social media poster, Joc is seen engaging in a conversation with Falynn, a fellow cast member of Couples Retreat. During their exchange, Falynn expresses her frustration and discontentment regarding the need to defend herself against false accusations in the public sphere. She specifically mentions Porsha Williams, who happens to be married to her former spouse, Simon Guobadia. Falynn opens up about her feelings, stating:

“After conversing with Joc, I feel a tremendous sense of relief. Simply verbalizing the truth to someone outside of my immediate circle, saying, ‘This is what actually transpired,’ has lightened the burden I carried. However, I am also aware that there is still healing that I need to undergo.”

During a confessional interview with a producer, Falynn is questioned about whether she feels betrayed by either Porsha or Simon. The Couples Retreat season 3 cast member responds by stating, “It is what it is. They are suited for each other.”

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