CWC Cook With Comali 4 Elimination 18th June 2023 Latest Episode – Darshan Abhirami, Vettai Muthukumar

The popular cooking show, Cook with Comali 4, aired its exciting Episode 42 on June 18, 2023, presenting an electrifying Celebration Week!

Cook With Comali 4 18 June 2023

The popular cooking show, Cook with Comali 4, aired its exciting Episode 42 on June 18, 2023, presenting an electrifying Celebration Week! Viewers were in for a treat as contestants from Season 3, including Roshini Haripriyan, Ammu Abhirami, Shruthika Arjun, Darshan, and Vettai Muthukumar, made a special appearance on the show. Let’s dive into the thrilling highlights of this entertaining episode.


Cook With Comali 4

Cook With Comali 4 Elimination
Vijay Television

The week kicked off with a face-off between the Season 3 and Season 4 contestants. Mime Gopi and Darshan emerged as the winners of the advantage task, setting the stage for a battle between the teams. Each team had to recreate signature dishes from previous contestants:

  • Kiran and Shruthika cooked Ashwinkumar’s Chicken Cordon Bleu.
  • Sivaangi and Abhirami tackled Vanitha Vijaykumar’s Telangana Mutton Chops.
  • Vichithra and Muthukumar attempted Uma Riyaz Khan’s Paneer Coconut Balls.
  • Mime Gopi, Darshan, Shristi, and Roshini took on Baba Bhaskar’s Varutha Meen Kolambu.

Hilarious Hindrance – Cartoon Board Challenge

In a twist, the cooks had to instruct their assigned comalis while preparing the dishes. Muthukumar’s frustration with GP Muthu’s performance added a comic touch to the challenge. Meanwhile, Darshan fondly reminisced about his previous cooking experience on Season 3. The flirtatious banter between Darshan and Sunita brought a fun vibe to the show.


Battle Of The Best

The cooking battles showcased the contestants’ skills, resulting in some impressive dishes. Judges praised the delicious creations:

  • Abhirami and Sivaangi triumphed with their delectable dishes.
  • Shruthika and Pugazh wowed the judges with their culinary skills.
  • Mime Gopi and Vinod claimed victory with their outstanding flavors.
  • Vichithra and Silmisham Siva emerged victorious with their delightful taste.
  • Roshini and Monisha Blessy secured a win with their wonderful dish.

The Final Phase-Off

The top five contestants, Roshini, Vichithra, Mime Gopi, Shruthika, and Sivaangi, entered the final phase-off. They had 25 minutes to create any dish of their choice. The judges were impressed with the offerings:

  • Mime Gopi’s Chicken Ballotine had excellent flavoring.
  • Roshini wowed with her superb Mango Dome.
  • Shruthika presented a wonderful Japanese Pancake.
  • Sivaangi was amazed with her amazing Ratatouille bag.
  • Vichithra’s Goan Fish Curry impressed with its flavors.

The Winners And Special Gift

Cook With Comali 4 Today's Elimination
Vijay Television

In the end, Shruthika and Pugazh emerged as the winners of Celebration Week. They received home appliances as a special gift, adding to their triumph on the show.

Cook with Comali 4 Episode 42’s Celebration Week was a delightful blend of entertainment and mouth-watering dishes. The presence of Season 3 contestants added an extra layer of excitement, creating a unique atmosphere for viewers. Stay tuned for more exciting Cook with Comali Season 4 episodes, airing on Star Vijay every Saturday at 9.00 PM and Sunday at 9.30 PM, or watch online on Disney+Hotstar.

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