CWC Cook With Comali 4 Today’s Episode 22nd July 2023: Advantage Task Winners And Elimination

"Cook with Comali 4 Episode 51: A Celebration Week with Special Guests and the Laddu Challenge!"

Cook With Comali 4 22nd July 2023

Vijay TV’s beloved cooking show, CWC Cook with Comali, has returned with its fourth season, and it’s been a hit with viewers for three years straight. With a unique blend of entertainment and culinary delights, the show has garnered a loyal following. The latest episode aired on 22nd July 2023, promised a “Celebration Week” filled with surprises, special guests, and loads of laughter.


A Happy Reunion And Special Guests

Cook With Comali Finalist

In Episode 51, the show welcomed back the charming Bala after a long hiatus, much to the delight of fans. To make the celebration even more unique, famous CWC Season 2 contestants were invited, who hold a special place in the hearts of devoted viewers.


Chef Venkatesh Bhat’s Announcement

Renowned Chef Venkatesh Bhat set the tone for the episode, promising a happy and relaxed atmosphere. His infectious enthusiasm added to the excitement as he revealed Advantage Task 2 – the “Laddu Challenge.” The teams would compete to make the most delectable laddus, and the winners would gain a crucial advantage.


Laddu Challenge

Cook With Comali 4 Finale

The Laddu Challenge brought out the competitive spirit among the contestants. As they focused on creating mouthwatering laddus, comedian Pugazh couldn’t resist having some fun with Chef Bhat and Shakila. He entertained the audience with his hilarious mimicry attempts, adding an extra layer of amusement to the episode. The hosts, Rakshan and Manimegalai, set the stage with their infectious energy and happy dancing. They warmly welcomed the judges, cooks, and comalis, making everyone feel right at home.

Cook with Comali Season 4, Episode 51, was a delightful rollercoaster of emotions and entertainment. The “Celebration Week” brought back fond memories of the show’s previous seasons. And thrilled fans with special guests from Season 2. Chef Venkatesh Bhat’s “Laddu Challenge” announcement added an exciting twist to the episode. Therefore creating a thrilling competition among the teams. With Pugazh’s comical antics and the hosts’ boundless enthusiasm, the episode proved to be a memorable and joyful experience for viewers.

To catch all the excitement and laughter, don’t miss the next episode of Cook with Comali Season 4! Tune in on Star Vijay on Saturday at 9.00 PM and Sunday at 9.30 PM. Also, watch full episodes online on Disney+Hotstar.

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