Cook With Comali 4 Elimination, 16th July 2023 Episode: Check Wild Card Round And Finalists In CWC

"Cook with Comali Season 4 Episode 50: Wild Card Round Introduces Exciting Challenges and Reveals 6th Finalist"

Cook With Comali 4 16th July 2023

The latest episode of CWC Cook with Comali Season 4, Episode 50, was filled with thrilling challenges, unexpected twists, and a significant announcement of the 6th finalist. The Wild Card Round brought a new hindrance called the “Face the Mirror” challenge, making it even more exciting. Let’s dive into the details of this captivating episode.


Picking Main Ingredients

Cook With Comali 4 FInalist

The episode kicked off with the host Rakshan welcoming everyone, including the “Baba Black Sheep” team. The primary ingredient selection was no ordinary task. Therefore contestants had to pop balloons to reveal their assigned ingredients, resulting in a unique lineup for the cooks and comalis.


Main Task 1: “Face The Mirror” Challenge

In a surprising twist, a mirror was introduced as a hindrance between the cooks and comalis. With their backs turned to the workstations, the cooks had to guide their comalis by observing their reflections in the mirror. Any mistakes led to amusing punishments in a ball pit. As the comalis took charge of the cooking, the cooks joined in intermittently upon hearing the siren. Throughout the challenge, amusing incidents kept the atmosphere light-hearted. Mockery and banter ensued when Rajayappa requested Pugazh to bring pineapple, despite having a vegetable as his main ingredient. Therefore Silmisham Siva playfully teased Sherin for using the mirror for her makeup. Thus amidst the chaos, the “Baba Black Sheep” team added to the fun by visiting the workstations.


Main Task 2: “Finalist Cooking Challenge”

Cook With Comali 4 FInalist

The three selected teams—Rajayappa-Pugazh, Sherin-Silmisham Siva, and Andy-Kuraishi—competed in a thrilling task to secure a spot in the finale. Each team had to prepare a unique dish within 30 minutes. Thus vying for the chance to become the 6th finalist of Cook with Comali Season 4.


The 6th Finalist Revealed

Cook With Comali 4 Elimination

The results were announced after the intense cooking session, and Andy (Andreanne Nouyrigat) emerged as the 6th finalist. Overjoyed and grateful, Andy shared her experience and expressed her happiness at becoming a finalist. The episode concluded with the distribution of gift vouchers to the best cooks of the Wild Card Round and gifts for the best comalis. So fans were left eagerly awaiting the grand finale to discover who would claim the coveted title of Cook with Comali Season 4.

Episode 50 of Cook with Comali Season 4 was packed with laughter, challenges, and the revelation of the 6th finalist. The “Face the Mirror” challenge tested the contestants’ skills while providing entertaining moments for the audience. With the finale approaching, the anticipation grows to see who will emerge as the ultimate winner of this highly engaging cooking reality show. Make sure to catch Cook with Comali Season 4 Episode 50 on Star Vijay. Also, watch the full episodes online on Disney+Hotstar to experience the excitement.

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