SRK Gives A Perfect Reply To A User Asking If He Will Ever Play ‘Hero-Heroine’s Dad’

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Shah Rukh Khan recently used some of his free time to engage with followers on Twitter. In an “Ask SRK” session, he answered a few questions from his fans and followers. Many of these questions have to do with his successful film Pathaan. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that SRK’s Twitter Q&A session served as the primary promotional venue for his record-breaking movie Pathaan. SRK hosted several Online discussions and responded to many queries throughout the past month. Additionally, SRK’s humorous responses to the fans during the session today were many. However, here is the query to which SRK perfectly responded.


SRK’s Perfect Reply To A Troll In Ask SRK Session

Shahrukh Khan #AskSRK

There aren’t many actors who can match SRK’s charm when it comes to playing a romantic hero. He is the definition of romance. Moreover, women of any age can fall for him because of his expressions and dialogues. However, he has also transformed himself for his roles whenever necessary, outside of just romance. His charm is timeless, without a doubt, and it evolves with time. Hence, his response is hilarious when a fan asks him if he’ll ever play the father of any actor on screen. The Tweet read,

“#AskSRK tum iss tarah hero ka role karoge ya kabhi film mein hero or heroine ka father ban ne ka plan hai @iamsrk.”

Shah Rukh Khan perfectly responded,

“Tum baap bano…main hero hi theek hoon.”

In addition, SRK addressed all of the #AskSRK questions honestly and with his typical sense of humor.


Few Other Hilarious Replies By Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan Pathaan Movie

A fan asked Shah Rukh Khan what can be his secret to aging like a fine wine. Her question read,

“@iamsrk #AskSRK aap ke “fine like a wine” ka kya Raaz hai.”

In reply to this question, Shah Rukh Khan gave a sweet rhyming reply. His answer read,

“Controlled Dine, Never Whine, Cherish Mine. In the darkness, try to Shine. Now run out of Rhyme!!.”

In addition, a fan asked for Rs 1 crore in exchange for contributing to the movie’s revenue. It’s because he says he’s seen the movie five times. The fan tweeted,

“@iamsrk 5 baar gaya #Pathaan dekhne, 700 cr mein se 1 cr hi de do sir…”

To this, SRK replied,

“Bhai itna rate of return nahi milta not even on share market. See it a few times more then let’s see…ha ha #Pathaan”

He not only discussed Pathaan’s accomplishments during this session, but he also won the hearts of fans with his smart and witty comments.

SRK Deepika Pathaan Review

Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham come together in Pathaan for the first time. The movie, which is produced by Yash Raj Films, was written and directed by Siddharth Anand. The film was out on January 25, 2023, along with the Tamil and Telugu versions. Shah Rukh Khan portrays Pathaan, a RAW field agent, in the movie. John Abraham played the strong opponent Jim, and Deepika played ISI agent Rubina.

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