Disha Patani Praised Jacqueline Fernandez For “Ek, Do, Teen” Song

She Said We Should Not Compare Jacqueline With Madhuri

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Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani Starrer, Baaghi 2 is continuously adding to its commercial success. We all know that Jacqueline Fernandez appeared in Baaghi 2’s item song, Ek Do Teen. The song failed to revitalize the magic that Madhuri Dixit brought with the song back in 1988. Well, it was certain that people would compare it with the old version but Disha Patani came to the defense of Jacqueline Fernandez and told that the two versions should not be compared with each other. Neither Jacqueline should be compared with Madhuri Dixit.


Disha Patani Backs Up Jacqueline Fernandez

Disha Patani

Talking about the item song Disha Said, “I think Jacqueline has done a great job and the song is doing so well; she’s looking so good. Honestly, if someone asks me, I don’t even want to think of doing it. She has just killed it,”


She Said There Is No Comparison Between Madhuri And Any Other Actress

Disha Patani

Talking about the mixed reviews, she added “Well, you always get mixed reviews for what you do. What’s wrong in this case is the fact that people are comparing the old and the new. You can’t. How can you think of comparing anything with Madhuri Dixit? She’s an icon, a legend! She’s the best dancer we have ever had and we can never get another Madhuri. So, there is no comparison. It’s just a tribute, a remix. It’s for the people who were not born in that era, for the new generation. So, people should just enjoy it like any other song, and not make it sound like a big deal.”


Baaghi 2 Is A Serious Film

Disha Patani

She pursued it further and talked about the movie. “I am sure that people, after watching the film, would realize and agree that there is no scope of ‘commercialness’ here. Even if the trailer looked full of action and entertainment, it’s a very serious film, at the end of the day.”

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