Gadar 2 Day 13 Box Office Collection: Sunny Deol Film’s Journey To Rs 500 Crore Begin

"Sunny Deol's 'Gadar 2' Gallops Towards Rs 500 Crore Mark with Unstoppable Box Office Run"

Gadar 2 Day 4 Box Office Collection

Sunny Deol’s latest cinematic offering, ‘Gadar 2,’ is achieving monumental success at the Indian box office, inching closer to the remarkable Rs 500-crore milestone. The film, directed by Anil Sharma, has already breached the Rs 400-crore mark and continues to reign supreme in theaters nationwide. Also, read Gadar 2 cast salary.


Sets New Records

Utkarsh Sharma Gadar 2 Salary

As a sequel to the iconic ‘Gadar: Ek Prem Katha’ (2001), ‘Gadar 2’ follows the fearless Tara Singh, portrayed by Sunny Deol himself. The gripping narrative unfolds as Tara ventures across the border into Pakistan. Therefore, he embarks on a daring mission to rescue his son, played by the talented Utkarsh Sharma. The film captures the spirit of 1971 Lahore. He also paints a picture of relentless anger against those who sow discord between India and Pakistan.


A Box Office Triumph

‘Gadar 2’ has proven to be a magnet for audiences, drawing in massive crowds nationwide. On August 23 alone, the film raked in India’s staggering Rs 10.00 crore nett. It is also propelling its total box office earnings to an impressive Rs 410.70 crore (nett), with a robust 21.81 percent occupancy on that day. Thus, the film’s unstoppable momentum is undeniable.


Surpassing Milestones

Gadar 2 Trailer

The film’s resounding success is not just limited to its earnings but also its place in the competitive landscape. ‘Gadar 2’ hit theaters alongside other highly anticipated releases, including ‘OMG 2’ and Rajinikanth’s ‘Jailer.’ Emerging as the pack leader, it effortlessly crossed the Rs 400 crore mark within two weeks. While ‘Jailer’ stands at Rs 295 crore and ‘OMG 2’ at Rs 123 crore. Also ‘Gadar 2’ is poised to join the elite Rs 500-crore club alongside titans like ‘Pathaan’ and ‘Baahubali: The Conclusion.’


Gratitude And Celebrations

Gadar 2 Trailer

Sunny Deol thanked fans for propelling ‘Gadar 2’ beyond the Rs 400-crore benchmark. In an emotional Instagram video, tears of joy glistened in his eyes as he thanked the audience for embracing the film’s characters and storyline—Director Anil Sharma, along with cast members Utkarsh Sharma, Simrat Kaur, and Manish Wadhwa. Therefore, the film’s success was celebrated during a meeting with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in Lucknow.


A Cinematic Triumph

Gadar 2 Trailer Release

Set against the backdrop of a crucial period in history, ‘Gadar 2’ has captured the imagination of audiences with its powerful storytelling and compelling performances. Sunny Deol’s portrayal of Tara Singh and Utkarsh Sharma’s charismatic presence has been instrumental in the film’s soaring success, with its unrelenting march towards the Rs 500-crore mark. Therefore, ‘Gadar 2’ has not only solidified its place in cinematic history but also reignited the original film’s magic. This sequel proves that powerful narratives, skillful direction, and stellar performances can create box office magic—thus captivating audiences and setting new benchmarks in the entertainment world.

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