Gadar 2 Box Office Day 6 Collection: First Film To Cross Rs 30 Crore On Six Consecutive Days

"Gadar 2 Roars at the Box Office: Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel's Film Surges Past ₹250 Cr Mark"

Gadar 2 Cast Salary

In a thrilling turn of events, “Gadar 2,” featuring the dynamic duo Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel, has set the box office ablaze, crossing the remarkable Rs 250 crore benchmark within six days of its release. The movie’s relentless journey toward the coveted Rs 300 crore mark has astounded audiences and analysts. Also, read Gadar 2 cast salary.


Gadar 2 Day 6 Box Office Collection

“Gadar 2” has displayed its monetary prowess with each passing day. Following its grand opening at Rs 40 crore on Friday, the film swiftly escalated to a commendable Rs 51 crore on Sunday. Monday’s numbers dipped slightly to Rs 38.7 crore, but the plot thickened on Tuesday, Independence Day, as the film saw an astounding 43.15% spike, amassing an impressive Rs 55.40 crore.


Wednesday’s Figures And Beyond

Ameesha Patel Gadar 2 Salary

As Wednesday dawned, initial estimates pegged “Gadar 2” at a collection of Rs 32.37 crore. Although this number is preliminary, it heightens the excitement surrounding the movie’s anticipated week-one total. The film’s storyline, marked by exhilarating highs and dramatic lows, has kept audiences engaged and eager for more.


Sunny Deol’s Overwhelmed Joy

Gadar 2 Teaser Sunny Deol
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Sunny Deol, visibly overwhelmed by the film’s triumphant run, expressed his emotions during a press conference, sharing how he shed tears of happiness after the release. The presence of his father during this milestone made the moment all the more special. Deol’s performance as Tara Singh, a truck driver, alongside Ameesha Patel’s portrayal of Sakina, has captivated audiences again.


A Captivating Sequel

Manish Wadhwa Gadar 2 Salary

Directed by Anil Sharma, “Gadar 2” is a sequel to the 2001 blockbuster. Set against the backdrop of India’s partition in 1947, the original film featured Sunny Deol as Tara Singh. In the sequel, established in 1971, Tara Singh embarks on a mission into Pakistan to rescue his son, portrayed by Utkarsh Sharma. The film boasts a stellar cast, including Manish Wadhwa, Gaurav Chopra, and more.


A Record-Breaking Trajectory

Gadar 2 Trailer

Trade experts are astounded by Gadar 2 potential to surpass records, not just Pathaan’s. The movie’s historic Independence Day collection has firmly established its rampage at the box office. With its gripping narrative and stellar performances, “Gadar 2” is poised to etch its name in the annals of cinematic history. As this exhilarating saga unfolds, “Gadar 2” continues to reign supreme, captivating audiences and rewriting the rules of box office success. With its exceptional trajectory, the film is poised to become an unforgettable chapter in Indian cinema.

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