GHKKPM Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 2nd June 2023 Episode And Today’s Written Updates

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 2nd June 2023 Written Episode

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin GHKKPM 2nd June 2023 Episode is full of drama. Vijendra learns about his tumor. Satya is dissatisfied with Sai and rages. Meanwhile, Bhavani, Sonali, and Ashwini gathered all their jewels to repay the debt and preserve the firm. However, Virat informs him that, despite their jewels, they will be unable to repay the debt and would be forced to sell the factory. There is a lot to take in. Continue reading to find out what happens.

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Episode

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein Today's Episode
Disney+ Hotstar

The episode begins with Vijendra asking Virat what is wrong and Virat revealing that he has a brain tumor.

Vijendra is calm and asks Sai how much time he has. Sai becomes concerned and promises him that she will not allow anything to happen to him since they will have the finest care possible.

Sai informs him that there is a minor snag in the procedure and that he will lose his memories thereafter.


Vijendra Does Not Want To Get Surgery

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Disney+ Hotstar

Vijendra informs Sai that he will not have surgery as he is unwilling to part with his memories, which provide meaning to his existence, and he will be nothing more than a shell devoid of them. He also informs them that he has deeply devoted himself to someone and is reluctant to lose that love, which is his lifeblood.

Meanwhile, Virat questions him on if it is not best to forget the lost love. However, Vijendra warns Virat that individuals might be lost, but love remains in the heart once it has found a home. He also informs him that he wouldn’t wish to part ways with his recollections in his final moments.

Sai warns him not to speak in such a way. Whereas Vijendra says, he wants to dedicate his final days to appreciating his love.

Virat feels guilty for attempting to erase Sai’s memory. But, at that very moment, Vijendra informs him that he will keep his appointment and departs.


Satya Is Disappointed With Sai

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein latest Episode
Disney+ Hotstar

In the meantime, Satya and Savi are getting prepared for their movie night and waiting for Sai. Savi attempts to call Sai, but her phone is out of reach. Satya calls the hospital to speak with Sai and is surprised to learn she left on time. In the meantime, Sai and Virat pursue Vijendra in the hopes that he might change his mind, but he does not. Sai believes she will have to persuade Vijendra to reconsider his viewpoint. And if he is unwilling to part with his memories of love, she would have to beg his love to persuade him. As Satya picks up the phone, a waiter yells Virat’s name, which Satya overhears and disconnects the call in rage.

Seeing so many missed calls from home, Virat decides to depart. Sai returns home and looks around, embarrassed because she forgot about the movie night. Sai approaches Satya to apologize, but Satya refuses to accept any justifications. Satya tells her that he should be the one offering an apology since he continues making the same mistake and setting unrealistic expectations for her. Sai tries to justify her actions to Satya. But Satya refuses to listen. And reminds her that they married in the first place to get separated from Virat.


Satya Questions Sai

Satya snarls at her, asking what the point of all this drama is when she is constantly preoccupied with Virat and hasn’t even considered upsetting her daughter, who has gone to sleep waiting for her. Sai is disappointed since she was unable to inform him that she and Virat had driven Vijendra to the hotel to inform him about his tumor.

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