Imlie Today’s Episode 28th June 2023 Written Update: Spoilers Alert, Kerry Hugs Imlie

Imlie 28th June 2023

Imlie is the narrative of a small rural girl named Imlie. Aditya, a journalist, was compelled to marry. He is engaged to be married but is obliged to take her home to protect her. When she arrives in town, she discovers that her husband is married. Soon, their emotions and lives become entwined in unexpected ways. Read on to know what happens in today’s episode.


Atharva’s Declaration

Imlie Atharva

Today’s Imlie 28th June 2023 episode begins with Atharva proclaiming suddenly that he is going to keep Imlie at a safe distance from this point on to ensure that she won’t jeopardize his happiness. Atharva walks downstairs, locking the door behind him, while Imlie sits with a sorrowful look on her face.


 Kerry Hugs Imlie


Everybody dances to the song of ‘Dil Chori,’ while Rudra and Shivani remain at the end, staring at each other with regret. However, when Kerry sees Imlie, she chooses to play with her as Imlie and Dhairya enjoy watching the movie Dhairya created for her. As Kerry walks into the room, she hugs Imlie, who is surprised and wonders why she wasn’t asked to attend a movie. Imlie then murmurs into Dhairya’s ear that she doesn’t want any further drama as there has already been so much conflict. She also asks that Dhairya drop Kairi off at the party by playing with her. Kerry calls Dhairya “Bhalu uncle” and suggests they play Chor police, which both agree on.


Atharva Punches Dhairya

As the game begins, Dhairya assumes the role of the third and pretends to kidnap Imlie, while Kairi takes the part of the officer who saves her and then runs along the corridor. Dhairya is having fun with Kerry and pretending to shoot her, while Kerry is pretending to be a dying girl, which Atharva sees from downstairs. When Atharva considers this, he bursts out in anger and hurries upstairs. He punches Dhairya in the face, shocking the ladies.


Atharva Scold Dhairya

When Imlie intervenes, Atharva is about to beat Dhairya in the face with ferocity, stunning the other Rana members. After watching Dhairya hitting Kerry, Atharva screams at Dhairya and Imlie when Imlie dares Atharva not to try. Meanwhile, Kairi is annoyed with Atharva for interfering with her game, but Cheeni takes her to the room. Atharva continues to scold Dhairya, claiming that he was the one who planned the disaster five years ago. Imlie, her brow furrowed, asks Atharva to be humble before making another mistake concerning Dhairya, to which Atharva says that he is mindful of Dhairya’s actuality and intentions. Atharva mocks Imlie for constantly siding with Dhairya, as she did 5 years before, and instructs Dhairya to keep away from Kerry.


Imlie Confronts Atharva

Later, Imlie storms into Atharva’s room and questions him about his false charges against Dhairya. Conversely, Atharva examines Imlie changing his name from ‘Dhairya Ji’ to ‘Dhairya’ in 5 years. She urges Atharva to tell her what he means to say immediately. Which Atharva reacts furiously that Dhairya took everything from him in the previous five years. Atharva shows her Dhairya’s locket, which he found at the accident scene 5 years ago. Imlie asks him to ponder the likelihood of so many individuals having the same chain.


Anu’s Idea

Cheeni, on the contrary, hears all of this and gets frightened that if her true identity is known, all will be destroyed. Imlie throws Atharva against the wall as she is asked what Dhairya means to her. Holding his collar, she says Dhairya is her one buddy who has never left her lonely. She leaves, but Cheeni notifies Anu of everything that has happened and expresses her displeasure with Atharva’s continuous relationship with Imlie and the past. Anu explains her idea of using Kairi to portray Dhairya as the evil guy in front of Atharva, to which Cheeni reluctantly agrees.



Imlie Today's Episode

The show is an Indian television drama that launched on StarPlus on November 16, 2020. It is available on Disney+ Hotstar. It was formerly produced by Gul Khan under 4 Lions Films and starred Sumbul Touqeer Khan, Gashmeer Mahajani, Fahmaan Khan, and Mayuri Deshmukh. Now it stars  Megha Chakraborty, Karan Vohra, and Seerat Kapoor as the second generation.

The show captivates the audience with its unique narrative and leaves the public always wanting more. It promises to hold your curiosity. Keep an eye out for more twists and turns.

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